The Dreaded Word!

The dreaded word.

So Boy1 is about 2.5 years old, and he has been developing his language skills…rapidly.

It’s actually pretty amazing. One minute you are decoding their hand motions and grunts, the next moment you are having full on conversations with the kid. This past weekend was a fun one for us, boy1 was full of love (full of love=50% less tantrums), often hugging his daddy and I telling us how much he lovvvves us. Aw!

I know, I know. I am enjoying it now because in a few short years he will be shying away when I reach for a kiss! (So not ready for that!)

So yesterday as I was making some devil’s food cupcakes for hubby and SIL, he started getting very excited, shouting “birthday cake!” over and over. So I corrected him and told him that they were cupcakes.

He said “Can I get cupcake, PLEASE?” He pretty much thinks that when he tacks on please to anything he will get it immediately. No buddy. Not happening.

I told him he can get cupcakes later, after he finishes his dinner.

Then he paused, and said it.


Say what?

My toddler has never, ever said WHY to me, he has never questioned my authority. It was just like whatever mommy says goes.

Clearly, I knew this day was coming. I just wasn’t so prepared for it.

So after I picked my jaw up, and asked him to repeat (Just so there were no misunderstandings) He asked me again: “Why?”

So I explained to him that everyone would not be eating the cupcakes until after dinner, so he had to wait, too.

He had mercy on me and let me continue making the cupcakes.

I suppose the reason why the question took me so off guard is because my boy is really starting to have a mind of his own, he probably wonders why all day about a zillion different things and now he knows how to vocalize it.

I suppose as a parent, I should be armed, strapped and ready to fire off answers, but I’m not quite sure if I am.

This is a first in a very long line of hard questions including “Mommy, where do babies come from?”, “Mommy, where is YOUR daddy?” and a bunch of other tough ones that I’d better be ready for.

I am proud of boy1 asking me why, but am I ready? I sure hope so.

Did your kid (or anyone) ever say something to you that threw you off? How did you handle it?



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  1. Fatoutofskinny says:

    First comes “why” then comes “no”!!!! Distraction is a good way to move the conversation along when it becomes annoying. Just lap it all up and take each day as it comes because before you know it they’ll be off to college.

  2. you handled that very well!

  3. My son is 4 and he comes up with some difficult to answer questions. Honestly, the hardest ones are about God. We read a lot of bible stories and he knows how to say his prayers, but he has trouble with understanding why he can’t see God if he is all around us.
    Some of the questions that are more awkward that he asks, are things like what are those 2 bumps on your chest? and why does my pee-pee do this?
    So needless to say mama, get ready! 😉

  4. Eboni Jones says:

    When my little girl said “No” the first time, it kind of threw me off. First I was like “Where did she learn this?” but I had to put it together that she is in daycare so of course she learned it from other kids.

  5. Nicole Hughes says:

    My youngest is 18 months and no is a staple of his vocabulary. And he also thinks that if he says “peez” he will get what he wants automatically. But he hasn’t asked why yet. Dreading the day.

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