“Chelsea Settles”, an Instant Reality Hit!

Anyone catch “Chelsea Settles” on MTV?

First, yes, I watch MTV.

I am a big fan of “I used to be fat” and really any other weight loss tv show out there. Like most I am sucked into the struggle with the food and exercise and ultimately inspired when they overcome these struggles and lose some weight! It is the ultimate high for those who know how hard it is to actually lose the weight, it becomes super satisfying to see it happen right before your eyes.

Not sure what I thought when I saw the previews for this show. Oh yes. It was something like…

Who is this Chelsea girl and how come she gets a reality show? How do I sign up for this gig?!

Well, I can see why MTV picked up a season of this show. Her story is identifiable to anyone who has ever struggled in life…period.

She is a 23 year old girl trying to find herself and she has a love for fashion that is only hindered by one thing…

She is 325 pounds.

And if THAT isn’t enough, she wants to move cross country to LA to get her fashion career started, her boyfriend is in the military and has cheated on her, her mom has a serious case of diabetes….and the list goes on.

That’s a lot for a 23 year old girl to deal with!

She struggles with the junk food (candy, fast food etc), and she says that it literally makes her “feel better” when she finishes. She almost looked as if she got a euphoric high from the food.

Anybody been there? Yes. *raises hand*

Chelsea has this amazing, fun, personality that shines right through despite all that is going on in her life.

I won’t ruin it for you, but there is one point in the show where I almost burst into tears for the girl because she got caught in a really really tough situation that caused her to rip her mic off in frustration and almost abandon the show all together. It was pretty brutal.

If you have a chance, check out the show, it’s pretty good, and although a reality show, it seems pretty authentic. The season will revolve around her upcoming move to LA, her weight loss, and finding herself all at the same time. It’s totally worth a watch, I will be watching and pulling for Chelsea the whole season!

Chelsea Settles airs on Tuesdays @ 11pm on MTV.

Have you seen “Chelsea Settles”? Will you look for a weekend repeat on MTV?



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  1. i still watch mtv too…idk what it is but some of those shows really suck you in! i watched “i used to be fat” and really enjoyed seeing the journey and transformations. i wanted to watch this show-guess i missed the premiere…but you know mtv, i’m sure i’ll catch one of the million replays this week!

  2. Yes! Don’t even get me started on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, I’m addicted! I’m sure the show will repeat over and over, hey I caught it last night and it premiered tuesday!

  3. i haven’t seen MTV in a while but it sounds like she is going through an awesome transformation…i love stories like this!

  4. Me too! I am very much looking forward to it, I hope she succeeds!

  5. Nice blog. Thanks so much for stopping by mine. :)

  6. I’m not an MTV watcher (or even a TV-watcher) but I will definitely be tuning in to watch this.

  7. OK, it was meant to be! You like Chelsea Settles too! haha. this is too funny! i absolutely enjoy watching the show … it really is something different and it is awesome to root for someone you don’t know just because you can see what a sweet person they are. i am very excited to follow along and see where she goes … i remember thinking the same thing … who is this Chelsea girl and how did she get MTV to give her, her own show?! haha.

  8. I love that show. And while I’ve never been fat by society’s standards, I have had and currently have some body issues. Watching this show I can so relate to Chelsea and her uncomfortableness with her body and how it affects her and how she interacts with others. I think that this show is a really great eye opener.

  9. Oh my goodness, I’m 36 and I still watch MTV! I was a Hills junkie! LOL! I watch Chelsea Settles too! She is really courageous! I hope she does really well!

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