An unforgettable outing!

Sofrito’s NYC

It is only now that I am starting to seriously appreciate the restaurant quality that exists in NYC.

I know. I’m a *wee* bit late!

My husband and I have been together for 13 years, and we have gone on countless dates. But somehow we found 5-6 restaurants that we enjoyed, and we kept going! We had one for Italian (J&S Restaurant – now closed) one for American (Chilli’s, Applebees, Dave & Busters etc) one for West Indian Cuisine (Sally’s West Indian Restaurant) and etc. We sort of fell into a routine of “usual” places to dine.

Little did I know we had a restaurant oasis right at our fingertips!

Now, I am a lot more willing to try out new places! I do my research on this beautiful big apple and I look for amazing affordable restaurants with affordable pricing. Turns out there are SO MANY! Who knew? J

(Funny how people from all over the world move to NYC and experience every single jewel and gem we have got to offer, while us natives sit around and watch! Or in my case go to national restaurant chains, SMH!)

Good thing I discovered this at 28, any longer and I would have never experienced some of the greatness that is NYC.

Since my husband is turning 31 on Monday, I decided I wanted to take him out for a rare date night to celebrate! Since my husband is of Puerto rican descent, and my Spanish cooking skills aren’t up to par (yet) I knew I wanted to find him some of the most slamming Puerto Rican food out there.

As my husband is a great lover of the dish Mufungo, according to the web this place had some of the best mufungo and the menu looked.. well … amazing.

Sofrito’s Puerto Rican Cuisine did not disappoint!!

A lot of the reviews were that the place was loud. I have to agree. We got there around 6:00 and the atmosphere was really romantic, but by 7pm the place was jumping! The salsa music was turned up a notch and the lounge area was very very active. Reminded me of a club scene, I would love love love to take my girls there one day. Great place for friends and laughter.

We started off with Empanadas (of course, it’s our favorite! It was delish!)

Hubby got Arroz con Pechuga de Pollo:

This was a HUGE serving of yellow rice seasoned perfectly with veggies and chicken breast. Believe it or not this monster dish came with a side and hubby got the meatless mufungo, which he loved!

I got the porkchops which had the option of coming grilled or fried. Yes, I got the fried.

It was amazing. I never eat all my food at restaurants. I did this time!

Sofrito’s is not for the weak at heart, if you love quiet, super romantic settings, this is not your place. But if you are looking to have a good time with amazing Puerto rican food to boot, you HAVE to come to Sofrito’s!

Visited any good restaurants lately? Do you take advantage of what is in your backyard?



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  1. OMG…both of those looked sooo good! i am hating what i am about to have for lunch but thanks for the new find. we are like you guys too..sticking to the familiar but it’s important to venture out of our comfort zone!

  2. Jamesgacevedo says:

    I Love Our dates! This one did not upset. It was amazing. 13 years strong and I still get butterflies, still seek to impress and still and madly in love with You. Love the blog. Keep up the good work Beautiful. – The Hubby “Joey”

  3. Yes! Its so easy to fall into routine! the trick is not letting this new place become a new routine place! lol :)

  4. Love you babe.

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