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Congrats #DuaneReade On 1 MILLION Twitter Followers! #DR1MM


What would you do with 1 Million Twitter followers?

I have been pondering this for a while, would I tell all of my deep dark secrets?  Would I say nothing at all in fear that my words may be interpreted in the wrong way? Would I tell everything? I honestly believe it would be all of the above. Twitter has always been my most favorite social network, I get all of my laughs and breaking news from there!

#cbias #shop

Today we are celebrating that my favorite *everything* store Duane Reade has surpassed 1 million twitter followers. I am going to share with you some of the reasons why I heart Duane Reade.

Baby Stuff

Since I am within blocks of several (7!) Duane Reade’s around my job, they are very used to me coming in every two weeks to pick up diapers and wipes for my youngest son. (Fun fact: the pharmacist totally knows my name because I refilled my prenatals with her every month with BOTH pregnancies!)

#cbias #shop


After that I usually find an excuse to go down the makeup aisle. My makeup obsession is real so I can usually find a new color lippie or eye shadow to buy.

#cbias #shop

#cbias #shop

#cbias #shop


Another super convenient aspect of Duane Reade is that they sell groceries, and not just any groceries–stuff that I actually buy in the market like Milk, Cheese and Yogurt.

#cbias #shop #cbias #shop

#cbias #shop

#cbias #shop


On the weekends, I love to take my eldest son out alone to run errands and when we do we usually end up in Duane Reade, and he usually ends up in the toy aisle. I love that they have his favorite, Lightening McQueen, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles. He always has to stop and investigates every toy.

#cbias #shop

#cbias #shop

#cbias #shop

Congrats Duane Reade on your 1 Million Twitter followers from some of your biggest fans!

#cbias #shop

** Join #DR1MM Twitter Party 9/17 7pm ET. Celebrating Duane Reade milestone! Prizes $500! Rules**


What would YOU do with one million twitter followers?



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  1. Very cute post, I’ll join the party. I can’t do much with my less than 1k now but I’d have a blast with them on FB! That’s my favorite…for the blog anyway. Instagram right now is where I get a true glimpse into the positives of people’s lives.
    Joi recently posted…Birthday Bloopers – Gifts, Parties, Rites of PassageMy Profile

  2. I love Duane Reade when I’m in NYC! And your son is hovering just inches from Princess Cadence from My Little Pony so my daughter wants to know if he bought it! I told her he probably didn’t, but hey, some boys love ponies.
    Tamara recently posted…I’m Totally Off My Game This Week.My Profile

  3. I love it and that picture at the end of you and your son is the best. And we too love DuaneReade!! :)
    Janine recently posted…September GLOSSYBOX UnveilingMy Profile

  4. Awww love the pics. I could never have that many followers. I want to keep it to a minimum so I can interact with them and speak with them I would have to hire someone just to take care of my twitter page

    • Yes, of course but if you had a million twitter followers you’d better be getting paid enough to have a social media manager too!! (I hope I would!)

  5. Oh I love Duane Reade, especially the really nice ones that have a ton of stuff! If I had one million twitter followers, I’d probably quit my day job because with 1 million followers I would obviously be famous!
    FitBritt recently posted…Seven Day Detox: Day 3My Profile

  6. One of my VERY favorite places to go in NYC is Duane Reade! LOVE that place! :)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…And The Blogiversary Spoils Go To…My Profile

  7. I’m guessing that DuaneReade is like our WalGreens – a drug store that has pretty much everything you need?!
    That is a lot of Twitter followers!!
    Kim recently posted…It’s Really Going to Happen!!!My Profile

  8. My question is What does Duane Reade not sell. lol Oh wait, just saw Kim’s comment…now that I think about it, it’s just like our WalGreens. Congrats to Duane Reade on their 1M twitter followers.
    Hope recently posted…Master of No Terrain: Well, maybe just one (Race Recap)My Profile

  9. Never been to Duane Reade – have only heard about it from blogs! I can’t imagine 1 million twitter followers. Heck, I can’t imagine 1! Im not on it yet…but plan to shortly. I find it so intimidating – I can’t imagine how I’d feel if 1 million people were looking at what i had to say!!
    Leah recently posted…Sharing Our Story On How We Blended Our FamilyMy Profile

  10. The picture of you and your son is adorable! I love convenient places where I can get everything quick. I also love Stoneyfielf farms too. I used to have a makeup obsession but I have so much I pretty much only buy foundation and powder regularly.

    How did you get that Google+ thing to happen. Please tell!
    Carla recently posted…Fit Food Swap: BBQ Pulled ChickenMy Profile

    • I LOVE makeup, but I was also a super late bloomer, (I didn’t start wearing makeup till I was 26—4 years ago!!) I have an upcoming diy post coming up on that!

  11. A million twitter followers! That would be something! We don’t have a Duane Reade here, but it looks like a great store! By the way, I LOVE that picture of you and your son, and I want to know about how you did the Google + thing at the end of the post too!
    Michelle recently posted…Share some Blog Love with our Ladies Only Blog Share PLUS ONE Event! {Link Party}My Profile

  12. we don’t really have duane reade in san francisco, but seriously, what would we do without our big pharmacy chains?

  13. I don’t even have a twitter account (can’t keep up with all this social media stuff) but I love the pics in this post. Your son is so adorable. That last pic of the two of you is so nice.
    pegster recently posted…Weekend fun – Online friendship turned real lifeMy Profile

  14. I would be overwhelmed with a million followers. But for a business (I had never head of Duane Reed before), it’s social media heaven. I’m with Kita; I need to be able to interact with folks. A million interactions? I’d pass out! LOL
    Alison recently posted…I’m not here for the fear!My Profile

    • haha, good thing is not everyone is logged on to twitter at the same time so maybe you would get 100k instead of a million? That makes it totally better right?! :)

  15. If I had a business, I’m sure I’d love to have 1 million followers.. but since I don’t, I definitely wouldn’t want that many people tuned into my life. LOL! I’m with Alison, I’d pass out.
    Carla recently posted…Target HaulMy Profile

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