Man to go on Breast Milk Only Diet

Say What?

That was my first reaction when I saw the article on talking about the man who was going to live on Breast Milk ONLY to make sure that his wife’s supply did not go to “waste”.

“Here’s the backstory: Doula, childbirth educator, and lactation educator Katie has three children, all born prematurely. To keep up her supply while they were in the NICU, she pumped every two hours, resulting in an overabundance of breast milk, so much so that she needed to buy extra deep freezers just to house it. She breastfed her first two children well into toddlerhood, is still nursing her third, and uses the breast milk as a cure-all for ear infections and eye irritations, but there’s still plenty left over. After the birth of her first two children, she was able to donate the surplus via milk banks and private arrangements. This time, however, she can’t find a match that will work for various reasons. To boot, the family’s moving out of state soon, and it will be too expensive to transport the milk.”

Now I am all about conserving food, but this is on a different level!

The father will be blogging his experience @, at last check, the blog was removed. (Boo) I would have loved to have followed his very interesting journey.

What do you guys think? Is this okay is a creepy way? Or just plain creepy?



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  1. First of all, I am soooo jealous of how much milk this mom produced. I breastfed for 9 months and struggled to get enough to cover all the feedings.
    I don’t think I would drink the milk, that is just me. I mean I understand about conserving and everything and that is cool, I guess my question is, why doesn’t the mom drink the milk? Why the husband?

  2. my feelings exactly. The woman was like super milk producer! I wonder what her secret is? Like was that natural? Did she have tricks? i think maybe its more controversial for the man to do it. But I agree, everybody should get in on the action if they are worried about conserving!

  3. I wish I could have produced that much milk! This woman is amazing! Beyond that – this is creepy! Since they can’t donate it – Let it go man, let it go. What good is it going to do the dad to drink it? Any health benefits to a grown man drinking breast milk?

  4. Some women naturally produce more breast milk than others and this woman happens to be one of them. She can put them up for donation and it will be counted for her (as a good Samaritan). It’s her choice though. Thanks for stopping by at Reflexions. Following you.

  5. I produced a ton of milk. My first born stopped nursing at 10 months and I had enough left over in the freezer to feed him breastmilk until he was 13 months old. My 2nd stopped nursing at 4 months-we did EVERYTHING to get her to nurse. Alas I pumped for two more months and had enough to feed her breastmilk until 11 months old.

    One thing though-is that the milk is made based on need of the child at the time-at least thats what the pediatrician told me. That milk you produce at 4 months old is NOT the same as 6 months-there are different antibodies and such to help the child develop etc.

    She started to loose weight at around 9 months old and he said thats because she was being fed milk I had pumped when she was 7 months old… So I’m not sure a full grown man would be able to get what he needs on whats in the milk of a younger child.

    As for curing earaches and such, the antibodies in the milk are probably sufficient, just the proper amounts of nutrients???

    I have no clue and haven’t done my own research, but when you donate milk, they try to feed it to children who are the same age as when you pumped ie milk I pumped when my daughter was 4 months old would be given to a 4 month old? Someone can correct if I am wrong….

  6. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    OMG that is crazy and creepy!!! I wonder why the blog was removed probably people thought he was exactly that!

  7. This sounds a little strange to me. Not that I’m totally against drinking it, but why would he want to drink it exclusively? Weird.

    Good for that mama for producing so much milk though! Wowzers.

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