American Idol vs. X factor USA, who gets your vote?

I adore American Idol. I have been watching like many since season 1, I love all facets of the show. The auditions, the crying, the pipe dreams… I even love the brutal elimination rounds. (I love when Randy goes into a room full of people to tell them although you have made it this far, your dream has been crushed….great TV!)

American Idol however has evolved into a bit of a monster in these past couple years. Mega stars are on every week (and some are merely sitting in the audience) and Ryan Seacrest (love him) has morphed into a media monster all by himself. I will always watch the show, but I don’t know, some of that loving feeling is gone.

So when I saw that my wonderful Simon Cowell was back for some more USA reality TV moolah, I was siked! I waited patiently for the X factor to premier hoping that it would at the very least keep me solid until idol premiered in January.

I gotta say. I love it. I may even love it more *gasp*

My reasons:

The auditions:

This audition process is seriously dramatic. This isn’t a little room with a couple of cameras and 3 judges, instead potential contestants are thrown onto a huge stage in front of over 10k people with one song to impress the judges.


Getting up on that kind of stage takes very large cojones! But it adds to the flair of the show in a way where you have got to prove you have got the aforementioned “x-factor”! One debbie downer to the audience factor is that they go completely hysterical if they hear one good note come out, therefore practically drowning out the rest of the performance.

The Judges:

Simon. Need I say anymore? He is his normal critical self, but brutally honest which is awesome. (I also think he is so adorable!)

Paula: Now I was a little ify about Ms. Paula. Like the next person I like to laugh at her silliness or questionable assembly of sentences, yet, this time around she looks quite sober normal! Like she realized how much of a hotmess idol made her and it’s almost as if she is trying to redeem herself…I almost missed it until…

Nicole: she is well, the new Paula. I love her music; you can often catch me climbing spinning hills to “dontcha”. But man in real life….ah well, she can SING!

LA Reid: Finally a judge I respect! He knows talent; he knows when he gets that feeling about someone, so when he speaks, I listen! I think LA is covered in awesomesauce and he knows what he is doing, look at the stars he has produced! He is MAJOR in the music business, and yes I respect his gangsta.


Now it may be the grandeur of the auditions (the venue, the people etc.) The people seem to be of a better quality than AI contestants. Granted, the pool is way bigger, but even people who can compete on AI sound 1000x better than most of the contestants from the past 3 years of Idol. I guess the prize money of 5 Million dollars can bring talent out the wood works!

I’m honestly excited about the show. It looks like it can have some awesome moments.

However, the man who came on, who flashed himself *several times* while singing, was completely and utterly inappropriate. Paula ran off the stage dry heaving, and I got it. I actually don’t think that should have made it to editing. Gross.

And the audition that captivated me enough to make me whisper to myself “SOLD”….

See? That took me up, down, I didn’t know what was happening, and by the end I felt amazing. Not my FAVORITE performance of the show, but he sure did make me wanna move! I love this show.



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  1. All i gotta say is that Simon is making moolah!
    BAM: you are on my list for others to get to know 7things about you!

  2. what in the world was that? i’m speechless! LOL!

  3. I love American Idol but when I watched X factor I felt like I was watching Idol. I couldn’t see the difference but I will continue to watch. Great post…

  4. Right? LOL thats how I was!!

  5. I’m so on it! Thank you!

  6. Really? I can see it, both shows have a ton of singing!! :)

  7. I really like X Factor better, too. AI has lost my interest for a while now.

  8. agreed! Can’t wait till wednesday :)

  9. O MY… he killed it in those heels though!

  10. YES! I can barely walk in heels much less do splits in them!

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