Breaking The Juice Addiction

Have you ever got so used to doing something over and over and one day a light bulb goes off and you realize you need to stop?
I did.
In my effort to lose my baby weight, I have been working out (crazy hard) at the gym, more or less watching what I eat and drinking lots of water.
Perfect combination, right?
Except, I have been sabotaging my diet terribly.
My favorite juice
My husband loves juice. Like can’t eat food without it, if there is none in the fridge he will call me to get some or he will get some himself on the way home. When I suggest he drink some water he looks at me as if I have grown horns out of my ears.
As a result, I have begun drinking juice too regularly therefore drinking in unnecessary sugar and calories every single day. I am basically drinking on the pounds!
Which reminds me of the NYC Ad campaign that stuck with me and makes me gag every time I see it on the subway…
Or this one…
Its so graphic, but so true!
I went to grocery shop the other day and realized that I have three gallons of my husband and I’s favorite juice in my cart so that I wouldn’t have to come back and buy some for a while…
The I realized, I am buy three gallons of juice. This has to stop.
I have decided to END the love affair with juice.
It’s time.
I will limit myself to one glass of juice all day.
Let’s see what happens!! Pray I don’t hurt my hubby in the process J

Do you guys have a bad eating/drinking habit you want to break?


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  1. kalleyc

    We love juice in this house, but these days I just leave it alone. Juice these days are only for boxed drinks for Zee when we're traveling and when we run out of our travel milk. Oh, and taking vitamins.

    Since we order Poland Springs (we live in a building with old pipes–you do not want to know what comes out of them sometimes) we drink a whole lot more water now. For extra flavor, I add lemon juice to it.

    My recent post Recipe: Green Beans and Chicken in Black Bean Garlic Sauce

  2. We are just the opposite. We love water and rarely drink juice. I guess that's a good thing. Good luck with cutting back.
    My recent post Launch of KoKoa Magazine

  3. I use too much sugar in my tea, it's a bad habit that I can't stop. Good for you for making a healthy choice.
    My recent post Preschool Schedule

  4. Glad I am not in the same boat, I am going through the soda phase and its driving me crazy, I really have to stop because I know thats why I am gaining so much weight! #thestruggle

    Good Luck

  5. Sorry I meant not the only one in the same boat*

  6. I'm into coffee. I loved it I find it hard to go on a day without drinking even a cup. The worst part of it is withdrawal. I have noticed that I'm having mood issues whenever I'm trying to stop my self from drinking. Glad that I'm getting used to it now. I don't have to drown my self with coffee everyday.

  7. Yes! Soda and juice are very similar in sugar content, the only difference is carbon!

  8. I do that as well :) it tastes so much better that way!

  9. I used to order poland spring back in the day, but now I just pick up a ton whenever we are at BJs. The water intake is going to increase *a lot* around this house!!

  10. You are so good!!

  11. Good for you, I know that caffeine habit is a tough one to kick!

  12. No Juice!?!? It's like a nightmare, but I understand. I'm packing on the pounds by drinking a whole lot of juice. I 100 percent support you on this mission to kick the juice habit to the curb & to shed these pounds. Thanks for the motivation. #TeamNoJuice – Your Hubby J

  13. Chocolate is my vice. I need help. I'm trying to replace chocolate with Nutella and not eating dessert after dinner except maybe 2x a week. Instead of juice, we gatorade….but my husband does love sweet tea. He claims he's drinking water throughout the day at work though.

  14. Potato Chips are my thing, I just cant have them in the house. Soooo Bad

  15. I can be a heavy juice drinker too! Right now I'm seriously addicted to Minute Maids Peach flavored juice! I need to work on not buying three cartons a week.
    My recent post Sunday Squabble: Why I love that Man!

  16. We realized awhile ago that juice was eqUal to pounds. We rarely have it in the house. I get OJ occasionally, but it usually lasts a long time in our house!
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday: Summer Memories…

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