A Day At The Brooklyn Children’s Museum

A few weeks ago I met up with my beautiful bloggy friend and her gorgeous family to visit the Brooklyn Children’s Museum
I had always heard about this place, so I knew I wanted to take the boys…my youngest was too small to really enjoy (7 months) but my toddler had a blast!
We got there around 11 am, and the facility was nice and very child friendly. Everything was hands on!
We took off his sandals and he had a great time in the mock “sand” box

More hands on activities

I think I love this the most, maybe he will bake like his mommy? <3 td="td">

Besties holding hands

One of the areas of the Children Museum had lots of places where the children had opportunites to play with fake items that us normal adults deal with every day. They got to play with fake oven, make believe grocery shop (as seen below), and even bake make believe pizza!

How cute is that apron?!

Closer to the entrance of the museum was a tumble area for the kids and another part that held lots of There was a stage with dresses and anything else you could imagine to create your favorite play.

How Adorbs are these  two?
Showing his West Indian Side

Over all we had a really great time with Kalley and her family. (can’t wait to hang out again!)

The only things that I didn’t like about the Brooklyn Children’s Museum?

  • The Bathrooms- Wow, they were seriously gross. It kind of reminded me of what my public school restrooms looked like. There was even one bathroom covered with caution tape. I think a simple “out of service” sign would have sufficed. Everything else was so nice in the facility, but when you have a toddler that has to “go” every five minutes, the bathrooms should be nice!
  • The food- Kalley is a lot smarter than me, she brought lunch from home. I didn’t think that far ahead! (just getting the children out of the house was a HUGE accomplishment :) We ended up buying really expensive food from the food court, that tasted horrible and most of it got wasted :/ Lesson learned! 

I would totally go back again, then ended up almost kicking us out as we stayed until 4:30! it was a nice way to spend the day with the kids who had a blast together. My boy couldn’t stop asking about his new friend :)

Have you taken your kids to the museum lately? Any future plans?



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