Getting Creative with Amazon Studios New Series Creative Galaxy

amazon prime creative galaxy

Amazon does it again!

Remember when I shared about the new Tumble Leaf series for preschoolers that promotes outdoor play? Amazon Studios has created another brand new series geared towards promoting creativity. Creative Galaxy is a new cartoon that helps kids to find their inner artists.

The event was held after work so I wasn’t able to attend with the boys, however I was so glad I came to check it out! The event was hosted by the creators and character voices of Creative Galaxy. The main character archers are named Artie (see what they did there?) and Epiphany. Each episode they go on fun adventures that encourages kids to pick up a pencil and draw!

amazon prime creative galaxy

What I loved about the cartoon was that it had a sesame Street type feel where they mix the real life kids drawing and the cartoon characters drawing in the same show.

To be honest, I have never been much of an artist (I’m non crafty remember?) but I loved how the characters in Creative Galaxy broke down how to draw in the simplest terms that even inspired ME to go draw something!

amazon prime creative galaxy

One of the characters in the show is actually a very recognizable face, 90s stud muffin (yes, I just said stud muffin) Jason Priestly from 90210 fame was on hand to discuss his role as “Sketch” on Creative Galaxy. I am was the ultimate 90210 fan. Is it weird that I still watch reruns?! #donnamartingraduates! But I digress.

SAMSUNG CSC amazon prime creative galaxy

After we previewed the show, the folks from Amazon had a large spread of food and arts and crafts for the kids. It was very well done and the kids had a blast!

amazon prime creative galaxy

Creative Galaxy, like Tumble Leaf is available exclusively on Amazon Prime and it is the perfect way to spark the inner artist in your child!

Do you promote drawing with your children? Do you have a natural ability to draw? Are you a 90210 fan?




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  1. That’s so cool! I used to draw a lot in my youth but sadly, have stopped since getting married and having kids. I’m sure I will pick it back up someday. My youngest is a super good artist. I still get hand-made cards for my birthday and Mother’s Day and he is 16!
    Kristina Walters recently posted…Ride For Roswell RecapMy Profile

    • You should pick it up again! I love the hand made birthday cards. So perfect and sweet! My mom used to make me do that for sure.

  2. Um, YES #donnamartingraduates! Nerd alert but I loved my 90210 for sure!! I do not promote my kids drawing because I am in the “non-crafty” camp but my husband does. He would love this because he’s the artist in the family.
    Allie recently posted…VITA AdVentures in Portugal – Sit and RockMy Profile

  3. So going to have to check this out as my girls loved and still request Tumbleleaf. Amazon Studios is really giving some awesome viewing choices for kids now. And you know I loved 90210, especially Luke Perry!! :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Blog Maintenance – An Important Key to Blogging SuccessMy Profile

  4. I admit that I’m one of those moms/grandmoms that supervises the drawing because I don’t want crayons on my walls. They are more than welcome to play with that and color however they wish (unless they wish to color on the walls) but I have to be available to watch them in the room.
    Carla recently posted…Blogging With Intention & PurposeMy Profile

  5. ooo Jason Priestly! Yes please. Stud muffin to the max!

    I used to LOVE to draw when I was little. I am terrible at it but I still love it. I definitely want to promote artistic and crafty projects with my kids. I think it’s great for their creative thinking. Cool concept!
    Britt recently posted…Baby WeekendMy Profile

  6. I’m terrible at drawing – it skipped a generation because it runs in the family! And oh my god – I’m still stuck at Jason Priestly. Yes, I loved/love 90210. So much that I even watched the ill-fated newer version from a few years ago.
    Tamara recently posted…Are We For Real?My Profile

  7. I suck at drawing and coloring…..but this is neat. Amazon is stepping it’s game up lately and I love it
    Kita recently posted…The price of your wedding is how much?My Profile

  8. I can’t draw to save my life! But I love that Pookah has started to draw! And he’s creative with it too! I’ll have to check this out!
    LaShawn recently posted…The Lovely Everyday: A Photography ProjectMy Profile

  9. Both our girls love to draw/color. T is definitely more into drawing freeform instead of coloring in coloring books. This sounds like a lot of fun, though, and I bet that my nieces would love it too!

    • Make sure you encourage the free form drawing! I didn’t realize how much I should be encouraging my kids to draw until I heard the presentation, its so important!

  10. Good job Amazon! We recently discovered we had Amazon Prime Instant Videos, so we’ve been Binge watching everything. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for this one!
    Reese recently posted…DIY Patriotic Bandanna TableclothMy Profile

  11. My four year old is inLOVE with Creative Galaxy and really wants it to be her birthday party theme . Would you happen to know how to get a hold of some of the Creative Galaxy signage or stickers or supplies like you have in the photo’s? There is absolutely nothing out there yet to purchase and I’m stuck in pinterest land searching “art theme parties” but just want something different!
    Andrea De La Garza recently posted…3rd Birthday – Jake & The Neverland Pirates PartyMy Profile


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