The Buick Verano – The Perfect Car for the Perfect Run

runs worth the drive with buick verano

I am absolutely in love with this car. It reminds me a lot of myself actually pretty with a lot of curves. (oh, the modesty!) Seriously though, as a blogger I get to do some really cool stuff sometimes, but getting a beautiful new car to drive for a week? Yes, yes thank you.

runs worth the drive with buick verano

Runs Worth the Drive

The amazing folks over at Buick lent me a beautiful new Buick Verano as a part of their amazing campaign called “Runs Worth The Drive”.  Since I don’t drive I recruited my cousin to drive me to my chosen run destination: Brooklyn Bridge.

runs worth the drive with buick verano

The Verano is definitely one of the sleeker cars I have ever been in. First, I wish I could bottle that new car smell and sell it as a fragrance. Next there were so many features on the Verano that makes it tough to beat.

I chose Brooklyn Bridge because it was on my bucket list (way back when I turned 30) and it was a short yet manageable distance for a run.

However, by the time I got there after work it was nearly impossible to full out run between the tourists and the residents coming home from work. I did brisk walk but you know I had to stop for some pictures along the way!


My cousin wasn’t able to find parking  on the Brooklyn side so we met on the Manhattan side of the bridge. When I finally reached across, I simply was a bit flabbergasted at how pretty the Buick Verano was. (if she were mine, I would name her. Something  along the lines of Elizabeth or Diana, she was just so regal and classy!).

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC runs worth the drive with buick verano

When I got inside there features really were endless, there are a million great things about this car but our favorite details are the following:

  • The sound is amazing
  • Keyless entry, push to start
  • Safety features.  Sound when too close front or behing. Parking and driving
  • Indicators in the mirror when you are too close to turn
  • USB portal
  • Bluetooth portal
  • Ease of use hands free buttons right on the steering wheel
  • Smooth driving
  • Seat Warner’s when it’s cold
  • Digital speedometer
  • Easy to get used to

We had such a great time in the car that we ended up going to several boroughs listening to great music on the cars amazing sound system and enjoying each others company.


I plan on running the bridge (and all bridges in NYC for that matter) because it was awesome just going across with all the cars beneath  you and the seriously awesome views of the skyline and the water. I now have a new goal–run ALL the bridges! I’m sad I didn’t run the 10k at Fitbloggin because that seemed like it was such a great experience!

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC runs worth the drive with buick verano

Here are some more great features about the Buick Verano:

  • The Verano compact luxury sedan, now the oldest model in the Buick lineup at just over two years old
  • Verano saw its best year yet with 42,012 retail deliveries, up 6 percent in 2013
  • Named 2013 most reliable compact luxury American car by Consumer reports
  • 2014 Consumer Guide Best Buy award for the premium compact car segment.
  • Recognized for 5-Year Lowest Cost of Ownership of Entry Luxury Sedan by Kelly Blue Book.
  • Continues to lead brand conquest, with 51 percent of buyers trading in non-GM vehicle or no trade.
  • First-ever luxury compact entry for Buick with premium refinement, comfort, performance and style.
  • More powerful and faster than Lexus IS250, Acura ILX and Audi A3.

For all my runners Buick partnered with the MapMyFitness app to host a running challenge that will be happening through August! There are tons of prizes to be won and it’s all free! I didn’t have the app prior to learning about the challenge but downloading and joining the challenge was extremely easy. Log in to the app, look under challenges, and because this challenge is so popular (over 70k participants!) you just have to click on it to join.


All you have to do is run a total of 30 miles between June 25 and August 7 to and you could win a trip for two to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in Arizona.

Thank you Buick for the opportunity to execute my Run Worth The Drive!

Where have you driven to run? Are you going to join the challenge? Have you ever walked/run a bridge? What is your favorite feature about the Buick Verano?



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  1. This is another one of those times I wish I have a smart phone. That car is gorgeous!
    Kristina Walters recently posted…Running Is ContagiousMy Profile

  2. My dad used to work for GM and Buick. I must admit, he used to get company demos when I was younger, but not one of the Buicks he got were as classy or nice as this one. If they had been, I may have stolen one for a joy ride!! 😉
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Starting A Blog – 5 Things You Will Need (SITS)My Profile

  3. I just purchased a new car and I looked at the Buick and man is it nice. It is truly not our grandparents Buick. Very luxurious, unfortunately I need something with a little more room than what it had, but if I was looking for a car this would’ve been it!!
    Mimi recently posted…For One Time and One Time ONLY….I Need Your $.02My Profile

  4. That is so awesome that you got to drive a beautiful new car for a week! I personally hate running, so I envy anyone that does it on a regular basis.
    Ashley recently posted…i flew with a toddler…and survivedMy Profile

  5. Wow, such a beautiful car! And the view from the bridge is fantastic, had to pin it.

    Alex recently posted…Black Jumpsuit Experiment, Golden Ginko Leaf NecklaceMy Profile

  6. Does Buick make full sized SUVs because you know I gots too many dangs kids for a smaller care. Save meeee!!!
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Josie’s List of Workplace Emergency Survival Cache ItemsMy Profile

  7. Did you really get to review A CAR! (mouth drops) That is so awesome! #blogperks
    Logan Cantrell recently posted…The Only Picture I Regretted Taking // iMOMy Profile

  8. My car has the keyless entry and push button start as well as many of the same features in the Buick Verano – I love it!!!
    So cool that you ran the bridge – I’m not sure that I’ve ever run on a big bridge!
    Kim recently posted…Living with GuiltMy Profile

  9. I love the Brooklyn Bridge but, yes, it does get very crowded! I am not much of a runner but we regularly drive over the GW bridge (you can run that one too!) to get to the Palisades Parkway to cycle!
    Britt recently posted…Boston to Cape CodMy Profile

  10. I just looked at these last night, oddly. They are the best. My good friend has one and I love when she drives for our girls’ nights out. The music system alone is luxury!
    Tamara recently posted…It’s My SITS Day, Part 2!My Profile

  11. What a fun experience! A lot of the features you mentioned were features that made me fall in love with my Pilot several years back (especially the USB port…rarely seen in a car 6 years ago). Your pictures are beautiful, of both the Brooklyn Bridge and the car. Looks like Sasha got some great lens candy!
    Leslie recently posted…Our Monster Vacation…Part 3My Profile

  12. “Pretty with curves” haha. I love this post. The pictures are amazing, and the car is beautiful. Sounds like a fun experience.
    Mary recently posted…10 Movies I Could Watch for the Rest of my LifeMy Profile

  13. Dang! A free car for a week?! What a hook-up!
    Nicole recently posted…Random Favorites {A Link-Up}My Profile

  14. This car is CLASSSSY! I don’t drive either but if I ever get my license and could have any car…it might be this one!

  15. Buick’s are great cars. My dad owned a Park Ave. I love the Enclave. The verano is really nice, too. Great review.

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