Food Fail: Burger King, Please Take a Seat!

I don’t really rock with fast food anymore, I eat it rarely like mayyybe once every several months. We all know that Burger King’s food, like all other fast food restaurants— are crazy processed and filled with insane ingredients. I know last December Burger King fell to third in most popular food restaurants in the US, however their latest creations should be illegal. They are that bad. I’ll give you two examples:

The Bacon Sundae:

Really Burger King? Now if this doesn’t sound completely gross to you let me run down the statistics and see what you think then:

According to the AP:

Burger King wants to lure customers this summer with a barbecue party – and a bacon sundae.

The world’s second biggest hamburger chain on Thursday is launching several pork, beef and chicken sandwiches as limited time offers. And for a sweet ending, the company is also offering a bacon sundae – vanilla soft serve with fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles and a piece of bacon – that started in Nashville, Tenn. earlier this year.
The salty-sweet dessert clocks in at 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar.”

I know this might sound appealing to folks but that is a pretty intense dessert! Your body will not love you afterwards.

This second one is just plain wrong:

Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Double Angus Burger:

According to the Daily News:

The burger contains two 6.4-ounce patties, bacon, cheese and mayonnaise. It all adds up to 966 calories and 58g of fat, 23g of which are saturated.”

Say WHAT? I understand that there are people out there who LOVE this stuff, but there has to be a point where the company takes some sort of responsibility and say Enough! Companies like Burger King should be taking into consideration the obesity rates in Americans, especially Teens (who eat fast food the most) and make the appropriate adjustments.

What do you think? Outrageous or To Each’s Own?



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  1. I have to agree with you. The companies should be held accountable for what they are selling, as well as the people who steadily shove it into their mouths. However, I also believe that if the government says these things are horrible for us, BAN em. Like cigarettes. I'm an ex-smoker. The government and top officials tell us it causes cancer and other illnesses so if it's that horrible, take the stuff off the market and ban it imo. BTW, that burger looks scrumptious! :)

    Found your link on Latorsha's, Life is Hard Laugh Anyway. Great post!
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  2. I don't eat fast food anymore at all. And I don't allow my son to eat it either. It's just sooooo NOT worth it. Burger King (and all the others) should be ashamed of actually creating this madness. Eeek!

  3. I think it's a bit outrageous! In fact, when I saw the advertisement for the bacon sundae, I thought it was a joke! It just boggles me that some sectors of the media tell us these things are bad for our health, yet others advertise day in and day out begging us to try them.

    I wonder if the folks creating this stuff actually eat it themselves. Hmmm
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  4. I don't eat fast food that often because I noticed the negative effects it was having on my body. I saw this bacon sundae contraption and I said to myself, 'I'm not with it.' As for the pork sandwich? Well, I don't think the hubby liked it and decided he was going to make his own pulled pork sandwich. However, I do think that these fast food retaurants need to focus on more healthy meals because a salad on a menu isn't going to change obesity in America. On the other hand, they know what sells and unfortunately its all these unhealthy foods.

  5. Nellie, I'm particularly grossed out by the bacon sundae, there is no need to add the two together, yuck!

    It's sad the power that these fast food chains have, for them the dollar is the bottom line.

    All we can do is to keep educating people on a better way to eat and the many health benefits that they will gain, for a better quality of life. So well done Nellie for getting the madness out in the open.

    Fitnessbuster by Gillian Stephen
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  6. Mrs.pancakes says:

    Bacon sundae…yuck! I've indulged more so in the lase several months than years!!
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  7. Okay, just seeing that picture of that Bacon Sundae made my stomach turn…………
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  8. Eww! I rarely eat fast food. A bacon sundae? Really? You would think now that everyone is starting to be health conscious they would dare not do that. I guess not.
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  9. Oh, goodness! That's so gross to me but I'm sure that someone out there is loving it. This summer I made a promise that we're no longer eating fast food. It's become too over the top. Restaurants are competing to see who can clog our arteries the fastest. The consumer bares the blame too. It's sad.

    Hugs and Mocha,
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  10. OMG! The bacon though? Fast food is bad enough on it's own. Why add bacon?
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  11. This is horrific!!! I cannot believe that burger's calories and that sundae is just plain disgusting!!!
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  12. Yes, this is ALL types of wrong and BK needs to have every seat in the Georgia Dome! Now I just don't understand how that ice cream seems tasty.. That burger looks good but it could be cooked in a healthier way…

  13. kalleyc

    Bacon sundae…yup I saw it, and it made my stomach hurt just looking at it. They should be held responsible for it, all they are doing is adding to the problem. Can't wait for the summer to be over and they take this nonsense off the menu.
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  14. This sounds so very gross haha

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