A Very Fishy Situation

I made a vow to myself to take the boys all over the place this summer. My eldest was two years old last summer and due to being a very cranky pregnant woman in the summer, we didn’t go many places. The Hubs and I promised to more than make up for last year, and we decided to start with the New York Aquarium!

Sidebar: I haven’t been here in 15+ years, so it was brand new to me too!

Some pics of the boys hanging out, They were equally enthralled with the fishes, they stopped at every tank window pointing out the different species, colors and sizes of the fish.


My youngest pretty much hung out with me and gave me looks like this while daddy and big brother ran off enjoying the sights.


My three old got a serious kick out of the sea lions, I gotta admit… they were pretty awesome.




We got a very cool souvenir as well, even though the boy refused to smile to the stranger photographer…but what’s new?


Then we ended the day with a Happy Feet 4d Show that we waited 45 minutes for only to have the toddler beg me to leave after 60 seconds in. It was super intense, there was water blowing out from everywhere, vibrating chairs, poking, fans blowing your feet…I think it was too much of a sensory overload, so we got out of there, QUICK! But we took a cute pic before the show started.


All in all I was happy with the day, it was easy enough and a nice little dry run for DisneyWorld coming up in less than a month. (So Excited!)

Do you guys have big plans for the kiddos this summer?



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  1. Looks like fun! And your boys are so handsome! I plan to take my girls to the aquarium this summer as well. I just know they will enjoy it.
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  2. kalleyc

    I love heading there, I think we will be making a trip there again, and the Prospect Park Zoo. It's just the right amount of animals and not too crazy for kids. The Bronx Zoo is just too much! Talk about overload.

  3. Looks like so much fun! I love all the pictures! Your boys are the cutest! Giving me baby fever, sorta 😉

  4. kelleysbreakroom says:

    Your kids are SOOOO cute! So glad you all had fun at the aquarium. I bet Happy Feet in 4D was really cool! Literally. They had blasts of icy air blowing through there, didn't they? :)

  5. rosesdaughter says:

    The kids are SO cute! Especially the baby! Makes my ovaries twitch over here!!! Glad they had fun and you didn't experience the complete meltdown that we did a week ago at the aquarium!
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  6. Looks like an awesome day! Beautiful family! I can just eat that baby !

  7. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    The babies are adorable!! Looks like a fun day!!

  8. yes! It was a very sensory experience! too much for the toddler though. Maybe when he gets older he can enjoy.

  9. Awww it looks like you guys had such a good time! Your babies are so precious :) I'm thinking of taking my babies to the local aquarium as well and perhaps the zoo. All I need is a little more patience and we are so in there lol.
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  10. You guys seemed to have so much fun. Glad to see you were having quality time. And oh, that look in your youngest is really cute.


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