Lunch with Robin Roberts in Celebration of Her Memoir “Everybody’s Got Something” #RobertsMamarazzi

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Last week I had the honor of celebrating Robin Roberts new book “Everybody’s Got Something” with The Moms. I have admired Robin Roberts for such a long time, she is one of those people that you don’t know personally but you still root for her all the same. We all watched as she publicly battled her cancer in 2007 and I remember crying when she made her return to Good Morning America.

Since then she has been through more harrowing medical issues which  resulted in a life saving bone marrow transplant from her sister. We were all stunned by her spirit and will to survive. Her new memoir “Everybody’s Got Something” tells about her experience dealing with  her sickness including about her life and her career.


The luncheon was held at NYY Steak. You would think that I’d have been to this place before as I am a serious Yankee fan–but it was my first time! The venue was beautiful! I have never seen a steakhouse that a) had its own meat house in the basement and b) had three floors for dining!


Our menu was simple and quite perfect. Of course I chose the Filet as that is my favorite cut of steak! For starters we had the salad and that was so good. However, before we could take a bite Robin arrived! The first thing told us to do was EAT! I knew I loved her already.


Denise and Melissa jumped into the questions and there were so many fun things I learned about Robin:


  • Her book was written for her mom, her mom is the one that told her that “Everybody’s Got Something”
  • Always figure out what you are learning from a tough situation & Make your mess your message
  • Robin’s Mom taught her that she could get through any situation with The Three Ds: Determination discipline and “D” Lord


  • Faith daily and friends will help you through the most difficult challenges
  • On advice to moms: Your teaching seeps through {as a mother}, something about a mothers love. Her Mother used to share a quote as she was about to leave the house with friends: “Robin Renee you know the difference between right and wrong”
  • Her Mom was school teacher that went to college on a $100 scholarship


  • Everybody got something! Means everybody has a gift, a resource, both sides–that “something” could be negative or positive
  • Her Sister Sally Anne was a match and her stem cells inserted and now she has her sisters DNA
  • Right before her transplant mother passed away
  • On dealing with sickness: Allow yourself to be embraced, allow yourself to accept help, it is a sign of strength
  • Felt well wishes and prayers of the public, helped with her recovery


  • She is a frustrated athlete (in a good way), she was a star athlete growing up. She Love tennis, State bowling champion,Wanted to be Venus and Serena, Loved every aspect of competition and sports
  • Was scared to leave her comfort zone when she was asked to do news, but was happy she did.
  • How do you approach someone with can aver?
  • When approaching someone with cancer: It was important that she had a point person that disseminated all information. “We just want you there.” Don’t constantly keep asking the question “how are you doing?”


  • Process of writing book
  • On her process of writing a book: She loves to journal, some days it’s a word or two, some days it’s a full sentence. “Just write!” She wanted the book to be authentic. Writing is freeing powerful and intoxicating.


After a phenomenal interview, she went off to sign books for us and we were served our entrees. Yes. Thank you. So good!


Once I finished wolfing down delicately tasting my entree I headed over to Robin to speak my few words of adoration and admiration. She signed my book and was nice enough to take a picture with me!!

photo1 (3)

After that was time for dessert. I had never had creme brulee before but man I tried it that day and it was phenomenal. I want creme brulee as my dessert forever and ever.


The event was (another) phenomenal event thrown by The Moms! I can’t wait to dive into Robin’s book!

For some great live readings of Robin’s Book check out the soundcloud’s below:


Did you follow Robin Roberts journey? Would you be interested in reading Everybody’s Got Something? What is your favorite cut of steak?



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  1. What a classy and beautiful woman! She is my hero!
    Kristina Walters recently posted…For The Disabled Guy In My Neighborhood & My 100th PostMy Profile

  2. I love this woman! Who doesn’t? She’s so inspiring, beautiful, intelligent and fierce! So jealous you got to meet her – AND eat that amazing steak :-) I just added her book to my “must read” list for when I’m laying on the beach in Portugal AFTER my race in a few weeks – gulp!! Another great post mama! Keep ’em coming!

    • She is so fierce! I can’t believe we are so close to Spain! I am so proud of you and I wish you could put me in your suitcase to cheer you on (and get some beach time too) :)

  3. I absolutely love her, too and seriously so glad you got to go to this event and meet her. Thank you for sharing a bit about it today here, Nellie :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Clueless to Sports – Once A Girly Girl, Always A Girly Girl!My Profile

  4. How wonderful! She is definitely an inspiration…I am so glad you got to meet her! And I love filet too…

  5. I really like Robin Roberts. She uist seems like a genuinely good person.

    Oh, and now I want Steak. Lol
    Chasing Joy recently posted…#FlashbackFriday: Hunt For JoyMy Profile

  6. Well, I thought yesterday’s event was the best one so far but I think I would pick this lunch and time to listen to and meet Robin Roberts!
    Kim recently posted…No Excuses – We Can Always Make Time to MOVE!!!My Profile

  7. Creme brulee is amazing! What a cool event and so inspiring. My brother had cancer and it was difficult for him and the whole entire family. We are so lucky he came out ok on the other side. I can relate to how Robin feels in a way. Food looks awesome too!

  8. Creme Brulee is my mom’s favorite! She makes it herself. I had a pumpkin version once.

    I’m so inspired by Robin Roberts – her story is one of my favorites and I follow it closely. I would NOT have been able to eat if I were in the same room with her. I am always such a nervous wreck! This is so awesome!
    Tamara recently posted…Always Full Of Surprises.My Profile

    • I need to learn how to do this brûlée! I ate like 3 bites of salad I was so busy taking pictures and agreeing with everything she said :)

  9. I love your recap of meeting Robin–so cool. This is my first time to BAM and I’m loving it!
    Shannon recently posted…Hawaiian Themed Jumbo CupcakesMy Profile

  10. What an incredible woman! What a horrible time to lose your mother (not that there is a good time) but Robin certainly knows how to keep a positive outlook. Sound like a wonderful event!
    Carla recently posted…Trash On the Road of LifeMy Profile


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