I Probably Would Have Ended Up In Prison Behind This

I am not of the habit of watching the nightly news in NYC, it can be just downright depressing and when I think about the stuff that they SHOULD be reporting and how choosy they are when it comes to their stories, well, that is for another post.

This one however, made me jump up out of my bed as I was falling asleep, yelling ugliness (right along with my hubby) at the television screen.


A GROWN person put a one year old IN A WASHING MACHINE and it TURNED ON.

You guys might have heard of this crazy story that came out of Camden New Jersey, where a baby sitter put a little boy in the washing machine at a local Laundromat then proceeded to freak OUT when the door locked and proceeded to spin and wash clothes. Except there was a toddler inside!

I mean, are you kidding me?

See below:



An excerpt from the Huffington Post:

Jason Laughlin, a spokesperson from the Camden County prosecutor’s told CNN that while the the man did not make an “intelligent choice,” the couple in the video weren’t criminally liable.

Police were initially working to identify the people in the surveillance video in order to ensure the boy was in stable condition, WCAU reports. The incident was reported to the Division of Youth and Family Services.

Say what? They aren’t criminally liable? Am I missing something?

While watching the woman get interviewed, I was super shocked that she placed no blame for the babysitter placing her child in a washing machine, I mean I would have been LIVID. I would have pressed every single charge possible because we all know how bad that could have ended!

What are people thinking these days?!

What would YOU have done if you were the mom?



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  1. I cannot take it. I get depressed too by watching it but I still watch so that i can see whats going on. We are in Chicago this week and there has been 53 senseless shootings in a week. It is getting ridiculous and most due to drugs!!!
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  2. glossedmimi

    Over here we did the same thing. Said they were playing a game of Peek a boo? Nawl. No way. If I was the mother they would've been punished according to the law.

    I'm glad they were able to track them down and expose who did this stupidity on television. I was wondering if they would be able to find them.
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  3. this story was too much. i was outraged by the whole thing. can't even wrap my mind around it. i just kept thinking about that little boy and how scared he had to be. i'd have pressed every charge there is.
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  4. kalleyc

    I've heard about this, it's so messed up. The baby sitter should have been responsible and held legally responsible since that child was in their care. I'm with Cam on this, I would have pressed charges against the man and the woman. It's stupid to do something like this. Children have lost their lives by going into a washing machine while it's on–now we got grown (stupid) adults putting kids in machines too. This whole story is messed up.
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  5. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    I heard about this too and thought wow!!!!

  6. YUMMommy

    The mom was recently on the Today Show and she said that she will be suing. The baby sitter and her boyfriend were taken into police custody but the state didn't press charges because they said they could see it was a mistake or joke gone wrong. I personally hope the mom follows thru with her lawsuit though.
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  7. I saw this on the news too and I just had my mouth open. What do they mean that they aren't criminally liable? I want to know what drugs are the prosecutor, the babysitter and the mother are on?! How can she claim to be a mother and NOT put blame on the sitter when it was soooooo OBVIOUS that he put that child in the washing machine and then claim he was frantic after it turned on! What did he think was going to happen? "Machine WILL NOT start because child is in it." Had that been my kid, I would have went street on him. Forget law, every cousin, uncle, "brother" would have been sicced on him so fast.
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  8. rosesdaughter says:

    I was SOOO outraged at this story! My mouth was hanging open. I mean really? Who does that?
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  9. I heard about this too. I really don't understand how this went down at all…….crazy!
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  10. This happens ALL the time in my area too, just the other week a women stabbed her 3 month old baby inside social services. I mean REALLY?! Some people should just NOT be able to have children. It makes me so sad:(
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  11. I was able to watch this news. This is very heartbreaking and disturbing. If I was the parent I would be furious. I will feel sorry and guilty for leaving my child to someone who doesn't even feel pity. What was this guy thinking?

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