BAM Girl Talk: Identity Theft (again), NYC Kindergarten Hunger Games & The Good Wife Shocker


So remember when I got my identity stolen a long time ago? It happened again. This time it’s getting closer to home. Instead of someone robbing me from London, someone swiped a card identical to my debit card in Austin, TX.  Ugh.iStock_000002827290XSmall

I didn’t even get all worked up like I normally would because since the huge target breach last Christmas anyone can be a victim. Besides I have gotten used to Bank of America reissuing cards on a monthly basis. Since I memorize my cards and have them stored everywhere it is completely annoying to go through this so often. You would think that banks would get smarter but it looks like thieves are getting the upper hand more and more.

NYC Kindergarten Hunger Games


You may remember the drama I went through last year  trying to find my son a preschool after being rejected by the city due to overcrowding. Well,  that was just child’s play compared to this kindergarten search. Oy.

Since Kindergarten is required by state law, he will have somewhere to go in September, however, that somewhere could be anywhere. My preference is that he can get into one of the 4 charters that I have in mind for him. All of these charter schools will have a lottery because there are simply so many applications and so few seats!

The term Charter does not equal good school but the ones I have in mind for him are excellent. They are K-12 schools, and I like the idea of growing up with one set of kids until they graduate from school. I also love the curriculum, activities, languages learned, longer days (very helpful for the working mom like myself) and so much more. My love for the schools won’t get him in however, only sheer luck and God’s favor will. I need ALL of your good vibes as my first lottery is tonight. *fingers crossed!*

The Good Wife Shocker

The Good Wife

**Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the last two weeks of the show**

I am devastated that Will was shot and killed on The Good Wife. I was simply beside myself. Nobody had even a clue that it was coming. People are calling it the best kept secret in Hollywood. His death has so many ramifications for the show–I mean his on again off again relationship with  Alicia kept me front and center in front of the TV on Sunday nights! However, since I still can’t deal and I am all in my feelings about this I figured I’d share some tweets that explains my feelings perfectly in 140 characters or less.





I’m so glad I’m not alone. I will deal. I don’t know how, but I will.

Have you ever had your identity stolen… Multiple times? How was/is your Kindergarten experience? Are you as shocked as I am about this Good Wife development?



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  1. Oh, that stinks you had that happen again. I always worry about that. Wishing you good luck on the lottery today! I’ve never seen that show but I understand where you are coming from. I have been emotionally invested in a show only to be floored by some surprise.
    Kristina Walters recently posted…When Do You Count A Running Distance? A Talk With Hubby.My Profile

  2. I am always worried about identity theft since I do so much online shopping!! We’ve had our bank cards reissued quite a few times, so maybe that helps? I’m a little worried about it happening when we travel to Spain as well.
    Oh kindergarten – the joys have already begun! Luckily, my boys have a school to go to (a great one!) BUT they don’t tell you if they will be morning or afternoon until June. AND if they are in the morning, they have NO childcare provided in the afternoon and you basically have to fend for yourself. The two daycares I looked at are awful so I’m now hunting nannies. I just pray they are in the afternoon so I don’t have to deal!!! Good luck with the lottery! Have they seen his adorable face? I mean, really!
    Allie recently posted…10 Reasons Why You NEED This BagMy Profile

  3. Knock on wood, haven’t had my identity stolen as of yet and truly hope to keep it this way, but so sorry this has happened twice to you. Seriously isn’t right nor fair. Also have my fingers crossed in the lottery for kindergarten tonight and truly do hope that you get him into your first choice. And, as for the Good Wife, I don’t watch, but my mom does and I know from her how much of a shocker this storyline was.
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Photo Albums Made Right from Your Instagram from BooksTo.MeMy Profile

  4. My credit is a -500 so no one would bother to steal my identity praying you get this cleared up people need to work for what they want and leave other people alone.
    Pre K down here is pretty decent a lot of the daycares have pre k and they are usually not full if you register in time. I normally start my kids early on the first day of enrollment so I won’t be left out in the dust. My daughter just goes to the local daycare and I am good with that. Next year she goes to my sons charter school so they will both be in one place.
    Kita recently posted…Springing up your home with artificial flowersMy Profile

  5. My bank sent me an email and a new card after the Target debacle! I’m still nervous to pull out my card there, lol! I am sorry that you’ve experienced identity theft again. It so scary to know that at any given time, we can fall victim to hackers and scammers. I pray that your future kindergartner gets into the charter school you want for him. My sister is going through the same thing right now!
    Sherelle recently posted…Caramel Cares: Giveaway AnnouncementMy Profile

  6. That totally reeks that you had your identity stolen again. I hope the banks start getting proactive bout this issue! I’ve had my credit card compromised with iTunes, a while ago–that was a scary experience!

    As for Kindergarten, I hope he gets into one of the charter schools you’re hoping for. The k-12 idea is excellent!
    KalleyC recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: AprilMy Profile

  7. I’ve never had my actual identity stolen, but I have had fraud on my cards/bank account before. It’s not fun… but you are right about criminals getting smarter. There are SO SO SO many ways to get information now. From my days in banking, I’ve learned a few tricks…but I feel like it just happens. Thank goodness for text/email account alerts.
    Kimberly (Manifest Yourself) recently posted…New Series: Business MindedMy Profile

  8. Oh my gosh! The Good Wife was crazy! I was completely shocked! I DVRd it and watched it on Monday and I saw some headline that had indicated it was going to be a big episode but I had no idea! They did an awesome job keeping it a secret! I was riveted to my TV!

    Ugh, identity theft is the worst! I just had my Amex number stolen a month ago. Someone made an $800 charge to some online retailer! This happens to me every few years. The last time it happened the thief booked a ticket on Qatar Airlines and my cc company gave me hard time. I was like, why would I go to Qatar!? That is so random! It happens to my husband almost every time we travel or maybe its a plot so he doesn’t have to pay for anything! Ha! Actually, what was really bad was about two years ago we were in Mass visiting my family and we all went out to dinner. The Hubs left his card at the restaurant and a waiter or busser or someone from the restaurant took the card and used it at the 7/11 down the road from the restaurant. I think that was the biggest insult because it felt so much more dishonest and personal. Anywho, I feel your pain (obviously)!
    FitBritt recently posted…Awesome AprilMy Profile

    • Omg that is such a crazy story! I heard it happens the most in restaurants because when you think about it your card disappears then is returned to you–anything can happen in those few minutes! I guess its better to use cash!

  9. I had my identity stolen this year – they got my social security number somehow and proceeded to open numerous cards in my name and use a couple of my current store cards by just going in and saying they didn’t have the card with them. It has been an ordeal – a lot of paperwork (on my part), a police report, many phone calls – 3 months of work so far!
    Good luck on the lottery for the Charter schools – love the idea of a Charter. So if you get in one does that guarantee a spot till he graduates? And does it make it easier to get your younger son in?
    Kim recently posted…A Fun Way to Honor a LegendMy Profile

    • That is sooo crazy Kim! I remember your incident!! Yes if he gets in he is guaranteed until graduation and his brother is automatic.

  10. I am totally afraid of identity theft. At least they’re making steps to protect you, right? One hopes.
    And I can only imagine about the school search. It can get pretty stressful out here too, but it wasn’t for us only because the best rated elementary school is in our zone anyway so we didn’t have to fight for it. Or rather we are in its zone.
    My fingers are crossed for you!
    Tamara recently posted…Jump For My Love.My Profile

  11. Oh identity theft SUCKS! I get tired of my card being changed for what seems like the millionith time too, but whatever they have to do to keep my money safe.
    School. It’s so painful. I’m so upset that I have to PAY rather than get him into the school I want because he has a late birthday. But such is life. the Kindergarten he is in is a K-12 though. So I’m happy about that. Got my fingers crossed that you get him in one of the schools of your choice!
    I still haven’t watched not one episode of the Good Wife. Is it on netflix? wait, I’m still working on house of cards, orange is the new black, and Game of thrones. SMH. I probably won’t catch up until the series ends.

  12. Ugh on the identity issues. I’ve had a few fraudulent charges on my cards – always for unusual things like hair extensions and those electronic cigarettes. Thankfully, that makes them easy to spot on my statement.

    Fingers crossed for the school lottery. I’m so glad our neighborhood school is a good school and kids in the neighborhood get first shot at it. Hope it works out for you!
    MCM Mama recently posted…1st quarter in the rearview mirrorMy Profile

  13. I’m sorry Nellie…what a pain in the butt to have to deal with that again! Frustrating. We’ve had fraud but never have had identities stolen, thank goodness. Let me go knock on wood.
    Michelle recently posted…Clean Burnt Pots and Pans in MinutesMy Profile

  14. I had my purse stolen once with a slew of stuff that I shouldn’t have had in there. I no longer keep unused credit cards, ss card, and such in my purse since that happened. I have had someone charge items to my debit card in another state while I still had card. Bank caught it in time and alerted me before I even knew.

    Good luck with the lottery. I used to work for a charter school and was in charge of facilitating the lotteries. It was a lot of work!

    I blogged about The Good Wife shocker last week! I too was devastated and didn’t see it coming. It WAS Hollywood’s best kept secret. I did a little research and learned that Josh Charles had been planning to leave the show for a year. So the writers had time to come up with a great exit. I think it was a good move. There will be so much fall out from it.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…It Is Ultimate Blog Party Time Again!My Profile

    • thats exactly what happened to me! Someone in texas charged my card 5 minutes before I did in ny smh…the fall out will be never ending. I am totally looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds

  15. Gabby’s sentiments were exactly mine in my BFF’s inbox! I mean seriously, that was the mother of WTFs! I sat up in the bed like MY life was being threatening….we were like who did he piss off??? Then we saw the morning show! WOW, that was the best kept secret! I am still like, WTF does he want to explore!! You are on the best show EVER!!!!
    Joi recently posted…Go Where the Fire is, NOT Where You Wish it Would BeMy Profile

  16. Nellie, just last week, yet again, my credit card was hijacked. This is about the fifth time in two years. Like you, I am tired of the process of calling up everyone and giving them the new number (or forgetting some of them and not calling and realizing too late that a payment was due). What is wrong with these people? Ugh!!!!!
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