Friday Fitness Check-In: Unconscious Food Choices

Welcome to the Friday Fitness Check In! I am using this as a bit of a fitness diary to keep my goals in check while sharing exactly what I am doing with you (since I get so many questions about it! :) Feel free to link up and do your own Friday Fitness Check In where you can keep track of the following:


  1. Fitness: Workouts for the week, how did I feel?
  2. Food: Did I eat well? Let’s be honest shall we?
  3. Strength Training: Did I lift weights this week? How many reps and what exercises?
  4. Mind and Motivation: Where am I mentally? What motivated me this week?
  5. Weight: Have I lost weight this week? gained?

Monday: Spin
Tuesday: Ran my *usual* 3 miles (That feels so good to type!)
Wednesday: Spin + New Zumba song practice
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest (maybe a pinterest workout)
Saturday: Teaching again!! A new Zumba session starts!


Leg pressed my highest weight ever! 160lbs!



  • Leg Press
  • Leg Curl
  • Leg Extensions
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Chest Press


Whew! This week was not an easy one, in my defense, I had a few things working against me. First my son has been ill this entire week and I haven’t been much sleep AT ALL. Add to that the fact that AF is on her way and hitting me with all kinds of anti-weightloss cravings  (ex: A full bag of potato chips that I ate today) and my food week kinda sucked.

For some reason when AF is on her way I want everything starchy, salty and usually something anything in the potato family. I haven’t been the best this week, but I pray I can get back to normal next week. I have blogged a little before about my emotional eating so this is nothing new, but honestly the food choices that I made this week were out of pure convenience. I saw something and I pretty much ate it :) I will do better next week.

It is seriously insane how all cylinders have to be ROCKIN in your life in order to create the perfect breeding ground for weightloss. Let’s check off my list of weightloss blunders this week shall we?

  • Not enough sleep
Since my eldest has been sick he has been getting up almost every hour on the hour and since I am a light sleeper it usually takes about 20-30 mins to fall back asleep
  • High Stress
Between work, an ill child, and the fact that I was ill prepared for a wardrobe change when summer decided to make an appearance this week…I’ve been all kindsa stressed
  • Poor Food choices
Unconscious food choices have dominated this week. Usually I try to plan and figure out what I will be eating all week, this week all I was focused on was the boy. That is just how it goes sometimes.

Overall, I don’t feel too terrible about this week because LIFE happens, all the time. The key is getting back on the horse and just being better!

How is your fitness goals coming along this week? Have you ever unconsciously ate something?

How do you deal with once-monthly cravings?!



Mommy. Fitness Addict. Socialite.
Schnelle "Nellie" Acevedo is a busy mom of two young boys (3 and 6), she is an Account Manager by day and a self proclaimed fitness junkie by night. Brooklyn Active Mama is a body positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. A recent running addict, Nellie has completed 7 Half Marathons and is currently training for the New York City Marathon on 11/1/2015. Nellie also is a co-founder of the annual A Healthy U Conference which is a conference dedicated to helping women improve their mental, spiritual and physical health. Nellie is a licensed Zumba instructor in Brooklyn. You can find Nellie on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, PeriscopeGoogle Plus.


  1. Hmm I don’t really get cravings but I do get thirsty a lot for some reason. I think I drink my calories more so I gotta find a way to stop drinking and actually eat. Great update hope the baby is better.
    Kita recently posted…Helping othersMy Profile

    • I drink a lot of calories as well, its so easy not to realize how much we drink! The baby is getting better by the day. Thanks girl

  2. I feel pretty good about the week! It was a bit stressful, there was SO much going on, a late night and some unhealthy eating but I managed to get a great run in and rode my bike to/from work almost everyday (an added 3 miles to whatever I run!) I’m feeling and looking better each day :)

    • Nice!! I so wish I could ride a bike to work, unfortunately I work way too far and I have a phobia of NYC drivers–I prefer my rides in the parks only LOL awesome job this week!

  3. Yes to unconscious eating. In fact I’m hungry right now and I ate the head off of a chocolate bunny when there are much better choices in this house! It’s a sleepy, sleet-rainy day. Hope there is better health and sleep in your house this weekend!
    Tamara recently posted…Six Years Gone.My Profile

  4. Make unconscious food choices ALL THE TIME! I finally made the decision to slow down and really think about what I am putting in my mouth. I sincerely have a problem…
    GoodLooknOut recently posted…Curls, Curves & Cocktails in San FranciscoMy Profile

  5. It is so hard for me to go back to sleep if I even go to the bathroom with the light on. I hope the little man gets better soon so you both can get some rest, but at least it’s Friday! Maybe you can catch up on the weekend. Fitness week has been a very good one. I’m excited to finish it off tomorrow with our Fitness Bash! You have a good weekend and class! I see it is sold out according to FB, Congrats…although I’m not sure how that happens. Do you all have space limitations?
    Joi recently posted…A Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 85My Profile

    • I SO hate the sleep thing, I just dont get how my husband knocks back out immediately and I am left staring at the ceiling…smh

      That fitness bash sounds like so much fun!

      Yes, since I teach at a fairly big dojo we really only have room for 30, plus I move around A LOT back forth, side to side + I encourage really big movement so we want to make sure everyone has enough space!

  6. I’m not optimistic about this week. Saturdays are my weigh in days. I’ve only worked out 3 days this week. My eating hasn’t been the best this week.
    I do get monthly cravings. I love the chocolate chip cookies from the bakery section of my fave grocery store. I caved and bought them when I went shopping Monday. I pretty much ate them all. I also oreos and ice cream. I don’t like the cream in the cookies so I scrape it out. That’s helps, right?!
    Jenni recently posted…Sticking To ItMy Profile

    • nom, those chocolate chip cookies sound divine. I am the total opposite when it comes it to oreos, I love the cream! LOL we will get back next week girl!

  7. I’m in the same boat as you! My eating was so off this week. Since I was in Chicago over the weekend, I didn’t get to make any food up ahead of time which means grab and go. Blech! But you know what, there is always tomorrow.

    I am so impressed with your leg presses! Holy cow that’s impressive!
    Carli recently posted…Real Into Reads No. 12My Profile

  8. 09572686703749229517 says:

    I’m an emotional eater as well. My workouts would be way more effective if I didn’t eat so much when I’m stressed or frustrated. Today, I was very conscious of what and how much I ate.

  9. hope your son is feeling better. it’s hard trying to function on little to no sleep. listen. there are times when i find myself in front of the fridge just because. that’s not good, Nellie. since i’m more aware of when i’m doing it now, i’ll just stop and tell myself, “you know good & well you ain’t hungry!”. seriously.
    miss donna recently posted…keep the change | $20 budget – marchMy Profile

  10. Looking good! I fell all the way off the wagon this weekend, and it’s been hard to come back! It ‘s amazing how just that taste of those onion rings and that bacon cheesburger from Sonic just KILLED all my resistance! LOL. Still working on getting back on the horse. I have a plan. And will start working out again this week.

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