A Temptation Movie Review {No Spoilers}, And More

Happy Tuesday!!

Easter Rules and Sweets

How was everyone’s Easter? I woke up Sunday morning and was checking my social networks to see what I missed to wake myself up and I saw someone I follow breaking a very strict rule at church for the 7am service. I wanted to reach through the phone and reprimand her! I guess once you are a mega church usher you are one everywhere including your bed. (YES, I left her a comment letting her know that ISN’T allowed. Don’t judge me.) I ended up serving second service and it was a breeze!

As a West Indian, Easter usually mean Easter bun. For those who don’t know what Easter bun is–it is heaven. It’s a Caribbean delicacy usually eaten with cheddar cheese but I love it all by itself. It is a slice of amazing and the next time you are in a Jamaican restaurant get you some!


So you guys know that I was so excited when I saw the trailer for temptation that I posted about it. I saw the movie on Friday and it did not disappoint! Tyler Perry did his THING! Even the hubs was all up in it and y’all know we don’t do movies a lot (read: EVER) but we made this one happen!

Shoutout to Jurnee Smollett for her amazing performance! And ladies the chocolate in this movie…humuna humuna. Over all it was a really great message about how you can easily get caught out there. Even Mrs. Kim Kardashian did OK, I mean she even had ME giggling and I don’t even rock with the Kardashians like that. I still don’t see what the controversy was about her being in the movie. She did well.

My favorite aspect of the movie was the spirituality part of it all, and the very unexpected ending. I will leave it at that.

I loved every single thing about this movie! If I only get to the movies as rarely as I do, I am glad I got to see this one.


I finally got to see Life Is But A Dream on Sunday (it was a movie weekend!) I really loved it. I loved how raw it was. Y’all know that Beyonce is my girl and I was so happy that she did not disappoint.  Blue Ivy is just so adorbs, and as much as I would like to say now she is a REAL person to me, fact of the matter is she’s not. She’s Beyonce. Ain’t nothing normal about that girl.

I was very entertained, especially at the concert scenes? OMG. My husband thinks I am going to lose my mind when we go see her in August, he’s probably right.  When we went to see my sister/friend/auntie/bestie Mary J. Blige a few years ago at Radio City I cried my way through the entire concert. I sang, I cried, and I sang some more. Hubs thinks it will be the same with Bey. He may be right.

Do you check your social media first thing in the morning? Have you seen Temptation? What did you think?!

What did you think about the Documentary? Does she seem like more of a “real person” to you?




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  1. Haha checking social media first thing right now. Too funny you left the person a comment :)

    Glad the movie got a great review from you. I really want to see it. I also didn’t know what the big deal was casting Kim in the movie. People always have something to say so it’s not surprising people were mad.

    Haha, Beyonce is completely not normal! Love her! I still need to see the documentary! I

  2. I LOOOVED the Beyonce documentary as well.

  3. I check FB, Twitter and email first thing in the morning!
    I really liked Temptation. Girl the eye candy was on POINT! I thought Kim did a good job too. I don’t see the issue with casting her. She was funny.
    I haven’t seen the doc. we don’t have HBO. I can not wait until August! When I mentioned the concert to my husband he said he would go only if I couldn’t find any girlfriends to go with. He said I should with people who would be dancing and singing with me! LOL I love your line, “Ain’t nothing normal about that girl.” So true. Love me some Bey.
    Jenni recently posted…Sticking To ItMy Profile

    • You gotta get someone’s HBO go login lol! The bestie gave me hers. (bootleg I know) We must compare notes about the Barclay performance!!

  4. Glad to read a review of that movie…I remember that Lisa and I saw the preview for it, and it looked really good! :) Beyonce is the greatest…cannot wait to hear about her concert…you MUST post when you go!
    thedoseofreality recently posted…What Will Be Left When You Are Older?My Profile

  5. So I didn’t get any bun and cheese this Easter and I was sooo disappointed. lol. had to get that off my chest. Saw Beyonce’s documentary…I got a new appreciation for how hard those people work. I would like to see Temptation. the hubs and I got movie passes for Christmas from our staff and we still haven’t made it there. I read my bible on my phone first thng in the morning…then I check social media and email… Fun post
    Hope recently posted…How to Remove a Security Ink Tag.My Profile

    • Girl that BUN was so good, it was just heaven! Bey does work pretty hard and so do her dancers, wow!

  6. Since the Temptation trailer had been released I was very excited to trek to the movies to see it. We couldn’t find a sitter on Friday, so guess what? I took myself to the movies on Saturday afternoon. After seeing the movie I think it was best that I saw it by myself. Had I gone with hubby he would have been giving me major side eye the entire time…lol. I give it a 7 out of 10.
    Andrea recently posted…Brown Skin & The Color ComplexMy Profile

    • Yes! I love movies by myself! I don’t get to do it often but when I can I just adore it. My hubs actually was interested in the movie, I was shocked but we had a good convo about it afterwards

  7. You are the first person I have heard that actually liked the movie most people are saying it sucked. I am going to wait until dvd to check it out. You know I am not a fan of Beyonce but I respect her and the documentary was good I learned nothing new but it was good. I check my phone every morning before I get out of bed it dings all night so I look through in the morning it’s now become a bad habit though.
    Kita recently posted…What you talking bout KitaMy Profile

  8. I LOVED the movie! It was such a thriller. Not sure if the hubs liked it though. What-ever!

    Your outfit is cute too.
    Stacie recently posted…Soft Scrub Advanced Surface Giveaway!My Profile

  9. Not only do I check social media first thing when I’m up for the day, I also check it when I nurse in the middle of the night! Which sometimes wakes me up a bit too much, but it’s nice to feel connected.

    I do want to see the movie now!
    Tamara recently posted…Moonrise, Moonset.My Profile

  10. Girl, I do my social media before I begin my work.lol I need my ‘me time’ before everyone at work starts asking me to do things. I can’t wait to see Temptation! Me and the honey plan to go this weekend! Beyonce still lives a very different life from us, but the doc showed that she has insecurities and fears as well. She is my girl!
    Sherelle recently posted…Mid-Season Catch Up SessionMy Profile

    • Yes! I totally get to work when its nice and quiet and I can browse the web without any side eyes, then everyone comes in and wants my attention LOL

  11. I always check first thing in the morning although I tell myself I won’t! LOL! About Temptation I really want to see it and am amazed how Perry’s movies stay getting the worst reviews ever but still top the box office. Not a Madea fan, but hope to see this one! And about Beyonce . . . I saw the documentary, Not a fan of hers either but definitely respect her as a business woman (and fellow Virgo!).
    Quiana recently posted…Toy Fair 2013 RecapMy Profile

    • Yes I never understood that, if the movies were so bad then why are all the new ones always at the top of the box office? Strange. You should see it, its really good entertainment. Beyonce is a very good business woman, I knew she fired her dad but I didn’t realize she managed HERSELF. that’s real!

  12. I love Tyler Perry but I don’t watch enough TV to even see previews for movies. I’ll have to check this out.

    Haven’t seen the Beyonce doc but I’m also too cheap to pay for cable. I do have Shape and she was on the cover this month. I’m not finished reading the mag yet but I did read her article. Loved that she said that she wants another child. Some celebrities won’t put that out there even when they are six months pregnant. I don’t know why that particular quote from her stuck with me. She just seemed like a normal woman talking about normal things I guess.
    Carli recently posted…April LovesMy Profile

    • Oh I loved that she said that as well, for some reason in the industry being pregnant is some taboo thing, they all are either hiding it or denying it, Its such a natural happy thing, celebrities are weird.

  13. For true fans of Bey, there’s nothing like attending a concert. You are going to have a fabulous time.
    I saw the movie today and I enjoyed it. I will email you about 1 thing that was funny to me about the ending. Tyler Perry does an excellent job. I am so proud of him for the messages he delivers.
    Joi recently posted…24 Reasons You Don’t Have Comments on Your BlogMy Profile

  14. i totally check all my social media outlets in the morning except facebook. I haven’t had bun and cheese in so long. sweet memories :-) glad you had a great easter. i haven’t seen Temptations yet but so excited to see. i’m also glad Jurnee is getting some shine. Beyonce can do no wrong by me. love her and loved the documentary.
    Losing in the City recently posted…A Special Day of Thanks..My Profile

  15. i check both my twitter accounts before i get out of bed. i’m so very proud of it too, Nellie. glad you liked Temptation! i rarely go to the movies…i enjoy seeing them at home. i can rewind and such as needed.
    miss donna recently posted…personal style | blogger influenceMy Profile

  16. Danny and I are going to the movies on Saturday … we’ll have to check out Temptations … the preview looked good! Thanks for sharing … really wondering how the movie ends.

    I check my social media in 5 minute bursts throughout the day …if I do not do that then I will be on their all day :)


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