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Earlier this year, I participated in the #31dayreset by happyblackwoman.com. It was a really good experience, it made me look inwards and outwards with a new point of view and attitude about how I want to live my life. I set new goals, I had plenty of “a-ha” moments and I vowed to make some changes in my lifestyle.

One of the daily journal topics in the reset was called “start your own side hustle”. When I saw this topic I was a bit floored.

Start my own side hustle?! How the heck can I do that? I have two small children, a career and a life (albeit limited) but still a life. Seems like there isn’t enough time in the day at all!

So I thought about this blog, my accountability partner suggested that I use this blog as a source of income. I thought about it and decided that this blog, as it stands right now, is a place for my thoughts, ramblings, rants…whatever. Maybe one day down the line, but as for right now, I am in a good place with the blog so I am not going to mess with a good thing.

All of a sudden Valentine’s Day came around and I saw an awesome cupcake recipe on Pinterest. I decided to try it and was hooked. I loved loved loved the baking, the measuring and the best part of all the decorating. I’m not super artsy but I feel like I can be really creative when it comes to using the decorating bag and different toppings etc. I have since baked over 16 types of cupcakes from scratch, some easy, some not so much. The hubbys job all begged for more every week after I sent them, and they even asked if I was a baker by trade! I know paid and free are different beasts but I think I am doing something special here.

And that’s when my hubby suggested we start a business–A cupcake business. Reflecting back to the side hustle challenge. I think we might have found a winner!

I have since done a lot of research, and decided maybe this is what I am going to try.

I pitched the idea to friends and most were super supportive and some were not which was disappointing.

I have a few (four!) Trial events coming up, so I will let you all know how it goes.

For me, I am again stepping way out of my comfort zone, and usually when you do that, you grow. I’m nervous, yes, but I am willing to work hard at it and prayerfully it will be successful, if not—I tried. Wish me luck!

Any business tips that you would like to share? I’m all ears!

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  1. glossedmimi

    My only tip is to make sure that it is something that you love, and you will likely get no sleep. I have found that strangers are more supportive than people that I actually know and I am learning to be fine with that. Keep that in mind! I guess I'll have to get one when I get to BlogHer!!

  2. journekapri says:

    That is a great side hustle, I am sure it will be a success because people love cupcakes!!!!!!

  3. yes yes yes! I thought you might move in that direction. from your earlier posts on cupcakes it seemed like you LOVED it!! Best of luck to you! Keep us posted. :)
    My recent post Five Words

  4. Good luck! Go for it!
    My recent post Enter through the BACK door – Are you Serious?

  5. Ooh, i'm interested in seeing how this goes because I was interested in doing something similar! Good luck! Dropping by from the party
    My recent post Omg! It's a party!

  6. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    I'm so excited for you!
    My recent post Lately I Find Myself…

  7. Girl, I love it. It calms me, I look forward to it every weekend and wish I could do it every day. I wanna take classes, I have books and books & I am a bit obsessed with DC cupcakes the show.

    Yes, I am learning that now, some of my friends and fam don't realize how serious I am, but hopefully one day they will.

    I will make a special batch for my atl girls!

  8. Journee, girl WHERE ARE YOU! Your blog is private now :( and I can't keep in contact with you :(

  9. Thanks Cam! I do love it. Who knew?!

  10. Thanks Latorsha!

  11. Thanks Stephy!


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