Me vs. The Two Piece

I totally had an awesome Friday Fitness Check-in for you but then I read a couple of blog posts yesterday that inspired me to write my own in response.

First Carla wrote an amazing blog post entitled Two steps to a bathing suite body!. After I read that post I felt so empowered. I wanted to run to the nearest beach, find me a two piece and wear it in all of my glory.

Then Roni posted her response Are 2 Steps Really All You Need to Get That Bathing Suit Body? which promptly brought me back to why I haven’t worn a two piece in years (7 years to be exact)… Her post spoke to the vulnerable side of me, the side that would never even think to buy a two piece swimsuit no matter how cute it was.

My last bikini…

hubby and I on our honeymoon in 2007

hubby and I on our honeymoon in 2007 (there is a 2 piece under there!)

My husband proposed to me when I was 22 (remember we started dating when I was 15). Like most women I decided immediately that not only was I going to lose weight, I was going to look amazing on my honeymoon too. I succeeded. I lost over 40 pounds in 2 years and made it to my honeymoon with a smoking hot body to flaunt!

Our honeymoon consisted of a 7 day western Caribbean Cruise plus an additional 4 days in Puerto Rico. Inside of my suitcase was the teeniest tiniest string bikini with the flag of Jamaica all over it. I wore this bikini when we visited the volcanic mud baths in Dominica. I had never felt so incredibly comfortable in my skin.

10 months later I got pregnant with my firstborn and the rest is history. I’ve been on several vacations since and have never felt comfortable enough to wear a two piece.

Beach envy

I often envy women that can put on a skimpy bathing suit and not bat an eye. For me personally, I haven’t purchased a bathing suit since my honeymoon. I use the conservative ones that I purchased, usually all black and very much covering ALL. I’ve seen some amazing swimsuits in H&M but I have never felt that my body was where it needed to be.

For a moment though, Carla let me forget about the where it needed to be part, and helped me to remember that it’s my body. Life is too short not to wear whatever the heck I want to wear on the beach. It was then that I realized that it’s not so much how I look now but really it’s the lack of confidence that is missing from this equation.

My blazing hot “I can wear whatever I want because I am SEGSY” confidence was unlimited on my honeymoon. It is a stark contrast to now where my favorite part of (window) swimsuit  shopping is what is the prettiest cover up I can find?

Now that Spring is here I have made a vow to go to *real* beaches this year. Last year I didn’t see a real beach. Not one. Did not being wanted to be seen in a swimsuit contribute to that? Possibly.

What can I do to regain this confidence?

1. ACCEPT MY BODY – whether I remain at this size, get smaller or even gain weight — I need to accept and love what I am working with.

2. BUY A SEGSY SWIMSUIT – whether it’s a really segsy one piece or a bikini. I’m going to buy one. A suit that is perfect for ME! I’m going to shut off all the naysayers that exist in my head and I’m going to wear it. Proudly.

3. STOP STRIVING TOWARDS PERFECT – I need to stop waiting  until I have the perfect body to wear swimsuits. I didn’t wait to have the perfect body to start teaching Zumba and this falls in the same boat.

I need to dig deep and find the old me, the one that gives no cares. I just need to be me in all my swimsuit glory.

Do you rock two pieces or one piece? If married, where did you go on your honeymoon? Any tips on where I can get the ultimate segsy bathing suit?



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  1. I’ve read both posts and I’m not sure my opinion counts. I’ve never really not felt comfortable in a bikini, except when I was pregnant with twins, but that didn’t even happen in the summer!? I can see it both ways but I have no idea how hard it could be for someone who is overweight and has zero confidence to wear ANY bathing suit and not feel judged by herself and everyone around her. It’s such a personal thing.
    As for the honeymoon? We were married and spent two weeks in beautiful Key West. It was amazing!!!
    My fav shops for swimsuits include Victoria’s Secret, Athleta (of course!), J. Crew and racks at Macy’s :-)
    Allie recently posted…Another Year Has Passed and I’m Still Here!My Profile

  2. Totally made me think of our honeymoon and how I was int he best shape of my life. Sadly after too kids, I don’t feel that way anymore. No matter how much I work out, there just parts of my body that make me feel less then perfect, especially for bikini wearing. I like how you laid it out here though and need to find that inner confidence now since this season is truly right around the corner. thanks for the encouraging words here today :)
    Janine recently posted…A Blast from the Past from Before I Was Done with SchoolMy Profile

  3. I rock a no piece lol. I use to do the two piece back in the day even right after I had my son but after I gained all the wait….no ma’am. I love coverups though even if I was skinny.
    Kita recently posted…Stuffed ShellsMy Profile

  4. Yes! I concur =) I haven’t worn one either since we were married almost 5 years ago (we got pregnant a few months after the wedding). I knew thought that I wanted to get pregnant quickly so during the 2 weeks in Puerto Rico for our wedding (we didn’t take a formal honeymoon) I took SO many pics of myself in the bikini knowing my “after” body was coming. I’m glad I did because although I know I’ll never look the same in one I worked out so hard for years to get the body I wanted and those pics make me very proud. Now that I’m in the midst of my last pregnancy I’m excited to get back to wearing bikinis with my goal being next summer 2015. Hooray for team confidence!
    Quiana recently posted…Winners: #FrozenKidresh CouponsMy Profile

  5. Girl when you’re going on vacation or anywhere a beach and water are included you were that two piece if you want too. Nobody is going to know you. There are all shapes and sizes on the beach and they are all probably feeling the same way. Wear that two piece and make your inner sexy be seen.
    All Talk Entertainment recently posted…GymtimidationMy Profile

  6. I live with the “what swimsuit do I wear today” all the time living in the Caribbean. It is very hard not to compare myself to others, but it seems that’s what always ends up happening. Some of my friends with kids wore a two piece a month after pregnancy, others still don’t. I once read a blog by a woman who had visited Brazil one summer and she explained that the confidence the women exuded was unbelievable, nothing like the states. Some days I feel confident and other days I don’t (depends on what I ate the night before – lol)! But I’m glad to read posts like yours and the two women you mentioned, because it resonates so well with so many and is a declaration that we are not alone in our thinking, but that perhaps we can all help each other to reach the level of confidence we need and deserve! Thanks for sharing!
    Bre & Ree recently posted…what to wear for dinner with a princeMy Profile

  7. Two pieces are so hard! I have a difficult time finding ones that look good on me!

    I think you should buy a two piece and then get professional photos done so you can see how gorgeous you look! I definitely think confidence is the key!

    It sounds like you had the most amazing honeymoon! I wish I could go back on mine! It was in Hawaii on Lanai and Maui. We got married there too because it was exactly halfway for both of our families!
    FitBritt recently posted…Friday’s Food & Fitness: Spring Break!My Profile

  8. In a world of so-called “imperfect” bodies, there are so many swimsuits styles that can accent the best parts and boost confidence. It’s all about finding the right one! I’m very much looking forward to swimsuit season.
    Yum Yucky recently posted…BCAA’s: Branched Chained Amino Acids for Intermittent Fasting, and Other Supplements I UseMy Profile

  9. I’ve never rocked a two piece. I’ve always had a self conscious side about one thing or another. I was a early developer with boobs and I think that’s where it has started. I hate bathing suit shopping. The one I have now is a halter with boy shorts. The halter is very booby so I keep tucking and hoisting. I’ve always admired woman out there that obviously had no cares. As for me, I don’t know if you can get what you never had.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…We’ve come this far by technology…My Profile

    • Yes I was an early developer with the boobs as well. Its tough! Its really about the way we look at ourselves not necessarily the way the world looks at us…

  10. There was a time when I ONLY wore 2 pieces. Now I just don’t put on bathing suits. For my honeymoon, we went to Antigua and I forced myself to where a 2 piece since it was just me and my hubby. Other than that…I won’t even wear a bathing suit. Terrible, I know.

    Most of my suits are from Victoria Secrets. (I have a bunch that have made a few appearances in the past 7 years or so) They are a bit pricey but I love the coverage options for the bottoms and the colors never fade.
    Kimberly {Manifest Yourself} recently posted…Favorite ThingsMy Profile

  11. Still waiting for our honeymoon, five years in!
    I only wear two piece swimsuits. On the other side of things, being skinny can make me look like a little kid in a one piece! It’s so awful I can’t bear to discuss it.
    A bikini looks good on me. And there are cute, more modest ones that I love. Little skirts and whatnot.
    Tamara recently posted…The Queen of Blog Commenting.My Profile

  12. I feel you, girl! You’re amazing. I’m going to Miami next month and have been debating about getting a new bikini or a one piece. Even as the beautiful, confident women we are…it does take embracing our vulnerability and just loving our bodies AS THEY ARE!
    Amber recently posted…The Power of Letting GoMy Profile

  13. This: “I’m going to shut off all the naysayers that exist in my head and I’m going to wear it. Proudly.” You go, Nellie!
    Alison recently posted…Getting my gratitude onMy Profile

  14. Okay, I’m like so old fashioned here, I never liked two pieces or one piece! I never liked to show a lot of skin at the beach–like ever! I love being covered! I don’t think it has anything with not liking my body, but I just never really enjoyed being close to naked at the beach hahaha–but then again, I grew up by the beach (which makes this so crazy). It takes time to get used to being in our own skins, and to have the confidence that we once had (I guess before kids), what really matters most though is how you feel about you and your decisions! So I say, if you want to rock that 2 piece–you go girl, just get it on and do your thang! Don’t let anyone stop you from living a fulfilling life!
    KalleyC recently posted…Life Through My Lens — Week 11My Profile

  15. I’m a bikini wearer all the way!! And, because I like to wear a different one every day I don’t spend a lot of money on any – Target is my go-to for suits and coverups!!!
    I’m glad you are going to find yourself the perfect suit!!!
    Kim recently posted…One of Those DaysMy Profile

  16. I am thin and petite, but still lack the confidence to wear a bikini. After I had five kids my body totally changed but I am working hard to feel better about myself so I can wear a bikini again. It is important to love yourself from the inside out. That is something else I am still working on! I love your blog!
    Cascia recently posted…Fitness Friday #BlogHop #LinkUp – The Benefits of Being Healthy and FitMy Profile

    • Hi Cascia, first, thanks so much for stopping by the blog!! 5 kids? whew! I am griping about 2 :) Pregnancy really does throw our bodies for a loop huh?

  17. I think everyone should wear bathing suits that are flattering on them. A two piece absolutely is NOT for everyone and I don’t care to see it if it’s inappropriate, but then I am EXTREMELY reserved!

    You all look too cute on the honeymoon! THat was a long getaway! Yall started that thang off RIGHT!
    Joi recently posted…Go Where the Fire is, NOT Where You Wish it Would BeMy Profile

  18. Yes! Just be you! I haven’t worn a swimsuit since I don’t know when. I have a bunch of bikinis and it would be interesting to see what they look like after having two babies. We spent our honeymoon in Cabo. Hoping to get back there this year. Good luck on the “Segsy” swimsuit. I tend to go the Victoria’s Secret route. It’s been a minute though…
    Cam recently posted…The School BluesMy Profile

  19. *Sigh* It really is mental isn’t it? Just like finishing a race without walking, it’s all in our attitude about what we can do. Sadly I’m still working on both! I’m actually following the same workout plan that I did before the Husband and I got married…because like you I lost a lot of weight before the big day and felt amazing. Who wouldn’t want to feel that way again?
    Leslie recently posted…{Friday Five}My Profile

  20. It depends on the day. Sometimes I wear a two piece because I feel great and other times I wear a two piece because I just don’t care. With that being said I don’t even own a traditional one piece. I do own tankinis which can ride up and show just as much as a two piece. I guess most of the time I just don’t care. I’ve seen all kinds of women with all types of shapes in a two piece so why shouldn’t I wear one? Maybe I’m feeling rather confident today. Ask me again tomorrow, the answer may change.

    And you have a smokin’ body, you should be proud to go out in a two piece if that’s what you want to wear.
    Carla recently posted…Five on Friday #1My Profile

    • I guess it would really depend on how I feel that day. I should get one then keep one of my conservatives as a back up. Thank you so much for the smokin body comment, that made my day!

  21. I usually do the one piece. My last Cancun trip in 2010 I wore a two piece because everyone in all shapes and sizes sport a bikini. Hell, they even go topless,,which I didn’t do.
    Kristina Walters recently posted…It’s Almost Spring – The SpinMy Profile

  22. I never really have to deal with bathing suits because I am terrified of water! LOL!!!! That’s one way to avoid that scene 😉
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Asparagus: Aroused By SpringMy Profile

  23. I am perfectly comfortable with never wearing a bikini again. However, my daughter is nagging me to do abs workouts with her and she is convinced i will want to wear a bikini by summer. We shall see. I’m going to do the workouts with her (if she follows through), but I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin. Could I tone up my tummy area though? Absolutely!
    Michelle recently posted…The One in Which I Share Snowboarding Crashes and Baking Disasters #AskAwayFridayMy Profile

  24. Since having 4 kids I exclusively rock the tankini. Even as a thin teenager I didn’t wear bikinis often. I’ve always had body image issues. I have worn bikinis in my own back yard, but that’s about it, and only if my tankinis are all in the wash.
    Summer recently posted…Intuitive Eating: What it is & Why I’m Doing It.My Profile

  25. Go for it Nellie! I also LOVE the hat you have on in your honeymoon pic…giving us all that fierceness! Girl, I haven’t worn a bathing suit period in about 10 years (its true). I never go near water, and if I did, I was too insecure to get out there with everyone else. I too, have always felt some kind of way of not looking perfect in a bathing suit. With the honeymoon coming up this fall, I really want to put on a “segsy” two piece that will go down in the record books, lol!
    Sherelle recently posted…Married and Dating Link UpMy Profile

    • Thanks girl, something about being on the honeymoon lets you be free! you are so full of love, happiness and RELIEF that the wedding is over!

  26. Even when I was super skinny was I never comfortable in a two piece. Our bodies definitely change after pregnancy but I think I was more comfortable in a swimsuit the summer I was pregnant with my second! I guess it’s all on perspective really.
    Jai recently posted…Choosing a Name for Your Baby | Mami MomentMy Profile

  27. Wearing a two piece this summer is one of my primary fitness motivators. I WILL get there come hell or high water and as you said, have the confidence to match!
    EbonyCPrincess recently posted…#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: 5 Moisture-Protein Balanced ConditionersMy Profile

  28. I feel most comfortable in a swimsuit that’s more “sporty” than “sexy”–so I wear a tankini top with running shorts and call it good!
    Rachel G recently posted…10 Things to do in West MichiganMy Profile

  29. i agree. as long as you love your body, that’s all that matters! one thing i’ve noticed about being pregnant…i’m not vain at all. no makeup. i don’t even blow-dry my hair; i just brush it back and head straight out of the house.
    catherine gacad recently posted…The Word of the Day is UncomfortableMy Profile


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