Kid City Stores: Children’s Fashion $100 Challenge

The BEST Kids Clothing Store In Brooklyn (1)

I’ve mentioned before how I don’t shop often for the kids. I am an unapologetic season shopper. Once in a while when I am perusing the interwebs, I buy one or two items, but I only shop intentionally maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Plus it really helps to have two kids that are the same gender. (so glad I saved everything!)


So when Kid City Stores courted me on Twitter I was intrigued… considering that there is a Kid City less than 2 miles away from my house, it was a no brainer because Spring is almost here (no, really, it is, I promise!) and the boys are growing like weeds! They challenged me to see how much I could get with $100, and I accepted. Kid City Stores did not disappoint!

Kid City Stores

Since I had never been to a Kid City Store before I had no idea what to expect. I decided to take the boys, since the eldest has been VERY vocal about what he wears to school everyday. I wanted to make sure everything we got he liked because I wanted to avoid any potential morning arguments.


First thing I noticed about the store was that it was ginormous! There was clothes for kids of all sizes! We headed right for the boys section and started to check out the prices to see what I was dealing with!

The first thing the boys saw was the super hero gear. Before I made any commitments, I checked the price tag–$5.00! It was really good quality too. Not the type of fabric that shrinks if you look at it too hard. Like good quality fabric that will outlast the many washes it will go through.

IMG_2679 IMG_2676 IMG_2675 IMG_2677

The baby got his stuff too, but he was really more concerned with wandering the big store. It is also now the store where everyone knows his name.

The cool part was that they had plenty of brand name clothes at great prices as well! There was a whole rack of New Balance athletic pants that were originally priced at $32.00 – – we got them for $3.00. Can you believe that? I felt like I won the kids shopping winter Olympics. I actually am still awaiting my medal!

Kid City Stores

After we had filled our cart to the brim, we decided that we would stop for a quick bite nearby. At that moment we realized that we left without bringing the key ingredient to a successful restaurant experience –toys!! Kid City Stores had plenty of those! We got some transformer type toys for a $1 each.


In addition to the new spring wardrobe for the kids, I was able to pick up shoes, underwear, pajamas, undershirts, workbooks, toys all for under $100. Crazy!

Kid City Stores

My Kid City Stores Haul:

  • 2 pajamas
  • 2 sweatsuits
  • 5 pants
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 6 shirts
  • 2 books
  • 4 action figures
  • 3 undershirts
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 6 briefs
  • 3 workbooks

Kid City Stores

In the battle of Nellie vs. Kid City Stores, Kid City Stores won! I was very impressed at my haul. I am a believer. If you live in NYC, Jersey or Philly,  you need to make a trip stat!

You can find out more about Kid City Stores on their website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Page!

Disclosure: I was provided with a store credit stipend for shopping purposes. All opinions are my own.

How often do you go shopping for your kids? Do you take your kids shopping?

For my non mommies, share your last discount score!



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  1. I think you were the big winner here! I can’t believe all the stuff you got for under $100! My kids are teenagers so my shopping is very limited due to their high end tastes. You did great!
    Kristina Walters recently posted…The Perfect Rest Day Link UpMy Profile

  2. I don’t go shopping that often with the boys since the grandparents LOVE to shop for them. When I do, I most certainly DO NOT take them with me. However, they’ve been known to squeal with delight in Target when they see t-shirts or pi’s similar to what your son picked out – MMA, Marvel and, of course, Skylanders! It’s good to know that boys are ALL THE SAME! Gotta love it.
    Allie recently posted…I’ll Tell You What I Really ThinkMy Profile

  3. That is some haul and need to see if they have one here on Long Island now and may have made a believer ion me, too!! :)
    Janine recently posted…Pin It Party ~ Week 44My Profile

  4. I’m like you, I’m a season shopper. When it comes to my kids I do all of my shopping at one time. i will go and get all of the basics to include underwear, socks etc. I’ll spend maybe $500 for both kids. After all of the basics are covered if I just happen to see something I must have for them I’ll get it here and there but I think it is such a waste to spend tons of money on children’s clothes when they grow so fast.

    This looks like a great place to go and get a great price on all of the things a child might need. A one stop shop.
    Mimi recently posted…Project 52 – Week 8My Profile

  5. I need that purple & pink Adidas jacket in size Adult for myself!
    No Kid City around here. I would definitely check it out. However, I also shop at the thrift stores for Greedy Baby, because she is growing soooo fast and I usually don’t get my money’s worth when I buy all new. I do a split of 70% new clothes & 30% thrifted.
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Intermittent Fasting Results: How It Works, and My Before & After PicsMy Profile

  6. Those little boots are so cute!

    I love scoring a good deal although I’m the type of person that does not shop a lot but when I do, I buy things I really love and can wear for a long time at full price. I’m not really a Forever 21, Zara or HM person because I rather have quality than quantity. Although my latest and greatest purchase was a really discounted dress that I wanted soooo badly on Gilt. Love it!
    FitBritt recently posted…At-Home Weights Workout Part 2My Profile

  7. That was a lot of clothing, toys, and accessories for $100 dollars! You definitely hit the jackpot with this clothing store! Your babies are so cute…I know I say that all the time, but they are too precious!
    Sherelle recently posted…Don’t Let Changing Your Blog Niche Make You FlinchMy Profile

  8. Seeing that they are in Brooklyn, I must check them out! Having two kids different gender is super expensive! Looks like I know where I’m going this weekend! :-)
    KalleyC recently posted…Life Through My Lens Thursday- Week 9My Profile

  9. Sigh. I wish I lived closer. Although my parents are in NJ so there is hope for me.
    Great scores!!
    Tamara recently posted…Adele Dazeem, Or In Other Words, Happy Blogiversary!My Profile

  10. Wow – what a bargain!!! Now I pretty much shop before school starts and then as needed for special occasion clothes.
    When Hunter was little he pretty much only got 1 or 2 new things a year and the rest was from Jordan. Maybe that’s why they are both so opinionated and drew completely different now!
    Kim recently posted…You Take the Good, You Take the BadMy Profile

  11. Posts like these make me so miss NY. What a great shopping day for you and the boys!!! Thanks for sharing, next time I’m in Brooklyn I’ll be sure to check it out. My 4 year old will go crazy=)
    Bre & Ree recently posted…wheat-free, dairy-free, morning glory muffinsMy Profile

  12. Love all the clothes! Great choices for little man :)
    Patty recently posted…Word-less Wednesday: TJ Maxx Haul March 2014My Profile

  13. Oh, wow! What an incredible deal! That is the same price or less than second hand stores.
    Carla recently posted…Goals…What Goals?My Profile

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