MomsRising FoodPower Conference Recap — Part One

MomsRising FoodPower Conference


During my usual internet perusings on Friday, I  came across a flyer for a conference discussing reversing child hood obesity for children.

I was intrigued! I went, I signed up, was kinda stunned that it was free and since I didn’t know much about MomsRising I did a little research. They seemed legit so I decided to go.

I am so happy I did.

I think we are all quite aware of the junk that is being put out there for us to consume.This conference was designed to bring a light  to methods in which we can stop giving junk to our kids, while teaching them better ways to eat. The obesity epidemic in children is so disturbing but it can be prevented by starting with healthy eating habits.

The conference opened with Michelle Obama giving us a very personalized message detailing her support for the cause. (First Our President at Blogher’12 Now I get Michelle?!) Awesome.

Lack Of Nutrition In The Hood


Next we got into the real nitty gritty. We had several speakers including a fellow mom blogger tell their stories of how hard it is–especially in inner city–to get a hold of nutritious foods.

I realized that their story is very familiar to me. In my neighborhood you can find a bodega (or two) on every corner, and healthy foods are pretty limited. We have several Caribbean markets and normal supermarkets, but when it comes to farmers markets or organically grown items, I usually have to shop in the city and lug everything home on the train. That is just not right.

Looking back, I realize that I had horrible eating habits in high school. Since we had several bodegas where we hung out everyday we always traded food. Usually it was donuts, cookies, cake, chips (LOTS of chips) and hoagie sandwiches. We ate a LOT of terrible food for all three meals, there was nobody in high school eating an apple.

It was “cool” to hang out in McDonald’s, it was even cooler to go “get a slice”. My then boyfriend, now husband, used to use the $10 my mom gave me everyday and get 2 extra value meals from Burger King. $9.67 everyday for two #1’s. This wasn’t once in a while, it was everyday.

So hearing these women talk about, the lack of good food available in the inner city was an eye opener and made me really take a second look at my surroundings. I have a Chinese food restaurant on almost every other corner, my local bodega is filled to the prim with sugary, processed, and high fat foods. There isn’t a decent selection of fresh veggies at my local super market so I often buy the bagged salads. The closest Trader Joe’s is miles and miles away and since I don’t drive, I go there maybe once a month.

This is a very real situation, I wouldn’t want my kids to have the same terrible eating habits that I did, looking back now–I could have been eating a much better diet–which probably would have had an effect on my very early body development.

After that discussion, there was a great spread of food! I totally didn’t realize that lunch was going to be served, and I had eaten a bit before the conference, so I grabbed a bit to eat. The spread however, was lovely:

That pork tenderloin was SO GOOD that I am making some this week!

Back to the conference: Next up we had a presentation of Soul Food Junkie, a documentary by Byron Hurt. Which was outstanding, (and will be reviewed in a separate post) The Filmmaker was there in person to answer questions and have conversations with attendees.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I recap the session I attended on Marketing Junk Food to Our Children!

Did you have have super healthy food habits growing up?

Did you change your diet once you had children?

Have you ever heard of/worked with MomsRising?




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  1. That is such a great movement – obesity (and childhood obesity) is a big problem here in Australia too. Nice to know that Michelle Obama is behind the change too. that food all looks delicious and so healthy. I never heard of momsRising – I was pretty lucky growing up my mom was before her time and big into salads – my fav food as a kid was lettuce – I kid you not – it was in my Gr 3 diary :)
    Robyn recently posted…Girls Tips for Cycling in the Mud and Coffee Meet of Blog ChicksMy Profile

  2. LaShawn says:

    I was one of those lucky ones whose mom cooked breakfast made our lunch AND made dinner. EVERYDAY but Saturday. But as an adult, it is so hard! Lucikily because if Pookahs allergies, he csntvwatva lot of the junk out there, so we have been forced to feed him fresh healthy foods!

  3. I didnt have health growing up.
    Im SO SO SO TRYING to practice not preach with my child.
    Miz recently posted…The power of MONOtasking.My Profile

  4. We were not familiar with this organization either, but will definitely be checking it out now. :) What a fantastic way to bringing attention to such an important cause. And OH MY LORD, you got to see the First Lady!!! SQUEE!-The Dose Girls
    thedoseofreality recently posted…This Should Get Us On Oprah!My Profile

  5. Great event with some good tips. That pasta is a problem of mines I plan on working on that now that I have nipped this soda in the butt. My mom cooked breakfast and dinner I never ate lunch growing up not even a snack Breakfast was in the mornings at 7 dinner in the evenings at 4
    Kita recently posted…Its all about blogging babyMy Profile

    • You are so good for breaking your soda habit, that in itself is WINNING! That’s crazy that you had so long in between meals!

  6. Eeek! I’m so stuck on those fabulous food pics. (sorry, it’s just my nature). But this is indeed a wonderful cause. I’m in the process of getting my family to eat healthier. Its a fight with them sometimes. I introduce changes very slow but it’s making an impact. I had to get my own health together before I could work on the family.
    Yum Yucky recently posted…4 Morning Workout QuickiesMy Profile

    • One thing I learned/realized it that I have most of the power when it comes to feeding my family. Once I make better decisions, they will just have to get used to it :)

  7. Although my mom cooked alot, she was heavy on the grease. I’ve learned to eat better as an adult and want my children to follow my example. What a great cause and a great recap of the conference. Great post.
    Hope recently posted…12-12-12My Profile

  8. Wow, scrolling the web paid off big time with this one. What an awesome event! I was quite intrigued by your tweeting Saturday, I’m glad your breaking it down for us this week bc this is a much needed movement. It is really true that children do as they are taught. My God daughter ask for apples and stuff like that & it blows me away. When I was a child, I just ate pretty much whatever I wanted.
    Joi recently posted…How to Solve Your Insomnia Problems with OTC Sleep AidsMy Profile

    • yeah, I’m pretty stoked I found it. My son loves fruit too, I never did as a kid so its pretty amazing to me too!

  9. Great post! When I was in JHS, I went to Philippa Schuyler… they allowed us to go out for lunch. There was a burger King right around the corner. I ate there often. Fast fwd to HS, there was a McDonald’s right around the corner that I frequented for “breakfast” and sometimes lunch. College I tried to eat better. I’d say I didn’t start to eat seriously healthier until my last year of college. I eat even healthier now since becoming a mom. I don’t want my daughter having bad eating habits.

    My sister works for a program called Wellness In the Schools (WITS) where trained chefs make healthy meals for the children in select schools. There are parents who fight to NOT have this program in their child’s school. It’s sad.
    Kim Porter recently posted…Review: Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate MasqueMy Profile

    • I had girlfriends that went to PS :) and I know exactly what you mean–it was like normal to go to these place every single day. I wouldn’t everrr want my children to eat the way that I did.

      That is a shame, and pure ignorance that they are fighting such a great program. The conference also had a session on getting rid of junk foods in schools. Its a real problem.

  10. I wasn’t super healthy growing up. I was 18 with borderline high cholesterol from eating fries EVERY DAY! Once I became a parent things changed. I wanted to be sure I was giving my son the best I could. We are very much on it when it comes to what we feed our kids. My son is a veggie and fruit nut! He’s never been too crazy about meat. All of which is fine by me.
    Cam recently posted…Life’s A BeachMy Profile

  11. I had horrible eating habits in high school and college! I ate chips and any coke product available! It wasn’t cool to eat the cafeteria food after 10th grade. Then, I starved in my first year of college and over indulged every year after that to cope with the stresses of classes. This conference sounds awesome!

  12. I didn’t have super healthy food habits growing up, but my diet has for sure changed since I became a mom. I find myself wanting to learn more and more about nutrition and such so that I can teach my children healthy habits. I’ve never heard of momsrising, I’ll have to go check them out.
    Stephanie recently posted…Friday Fitness Check-in: I Know It’s SaturdayMy Profile

  13. i would love to attend this!! and it was free?? you can’t beat that, Nellie. growing up, my mama fed us healthy balanced meals daily. i so appreciate that because it makes choosing to eat healthy a no-brainer for me and my kids. just today The Boy came to me begging for “veggie” smoothies. we indulge in stuff we shouldn’t from time to time, but i don’t feel guilty about it because it’s not our daily way of life.
    miss donna recently posted…keep the change | $20 budget – Jan. & Feb.My Profile


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