A Hairy Situation: The much avoided haircut


My son has got some really great mixed hair, (puerto rican and caribbean) its soft, and fluffy and grows really fast. I adore his hair, I promised the world that I would cut it as soon as he started talking….then it was his 2nd birthday….then it was labor day…..I kept coming up with so many excuses.

I couldn’t let it go.

That would of course mean my baby is growing up!

His hair eventually grew and grew so much that when we washed it, his hair was hanging all the way down his back!

However, when we were unable to get it braided the day before his birthday party, I had to face the music. His hair was now so long and unruly it looked crazy when not braided, and we wanted him to look his best for his birthday party….soooo…

We did it.

 IMAG0237          IMAG0240         IMAG0242

He was so calm during it all as if he knew this day was coming! He is the final result:


I love it! What was I waiting for?!

Here are some more pics from his birthday party:

Josh 3rd B Day_006March 2012

His play cousin (we had a clown and face painter)

Josh 3rd B Day_007March 2012

His bestie in the daycare

Josh 3rd B Day_012March 2012

His little brother and his play cousin’s mama

Josh 3rd B Day_018March 2012

That smile right there? Made it all worth it!



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  1. I love his hair! Beautiful! He is so cute! It looks like a great and fun party! Thanks for the comforting comment on my page!
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  2. He is so handsome :)
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  3. Aw adorable. They always look so grown up after a hair cut.

  4. journekapri says:

    He has beautiful hair, he is such a handsome little guy.
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  5. Oh my goodness! Cute kid alert! Your son is so adorable! Happy belated birthday to him!

  6. He is adorable!! I love his hair!! Looks like a great birthday party!!

  7. He is so precious! His hair cut makes him look like a little man. This reminds me of when I got my son's hair cut for the first time. I couldn't keep it braided so before his birthday party it had to go! He's been thinking he's cute every since lol


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