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WeMontage-SamplePrior to purchasing my home, I was obsessed with HGTV, buying my home was a long brutal process (a story for another post) but what kept me focused was the light at the end of the tunnel. I would get to decorate my own house!

Except it is NOT as easy as it looks on TV. I have done major repairs on the house but decorate? Not so much. I am ashamed to say that three years in and I have LOTS of blank walls. When I was contacted about trying WeMontage I was so excited! I will finally have some much needed Wall Decor!

I can’t deny, I was a little intimidated. I had seen my bloggy friends Tamara and Michelle do such an amazing job with their collages. If you follow their blogs (if you don’t you should!) you know that they are excellent photographers. I mean, stunning, heart grabbing pictures consistently. I like to take pictures as a small hobby but I know I am no where near as talented as they are! I quickly realized that this wouldn’t be a problem as the WeMontage collages make my pictures look pretty amazing too!

I got the change to speak with the Owner and creator of WeMontage, James Oliver. He is extremely nice and ready to help at every turn (though I didn’t need much assistance because the software is very intuitive). This is his creation below and he has the most adorable twins ever!


Choosing the pictures

I knew the pictures would be of my boys. That was a no brainer. Choosing the pictures on the other hand? Hard. I have a bazillion pictures of these kids, how would I pick??

I decided to go with a couple of pictures of them together as well as a several pictures of them on their own. The WeMontage software was extremely intuitive. I added my images, and it automatically put my pictures in a really beautiful collage. I wanted move some pictures and all I had to do was drag and drop. Crazy easy!

wallpaper_7b1ce3d73b70f1a7246e7b76a35fb552 (1)Getting the finished product

When I got my collage in the mail I was so excited to unwrap my new wallpaper! The size that I got was 3 feet by 2 ft. Perfect for one of my bare walls, particularly the one next to my dining room table. My husband and I installed the collage and it was super easy to peel and stick. (Make sure you have that level handy!)

And here is what it looks like on the wall near the dining table. I love it! I think what I love most about it was how easy it was to fill up an empty space, I didn’t have to worry about multiple prints in multiple sizes, and don’t even get me started on the frames, and holes in the wall! This is a very simple, easy, beautiful, eye grabbing collage that is easy to install and perfect for anywhere in the house! Now I want one for the boys’ room!



When picture frames fall short and leave you with lifeless spaces, the WeMontage website easily transforms your memorable and inspiring images into removable photo wallpaper. WeMontage empowers its customers to “live beyond the frame.”While not all spaces or moments call for WeMontage, there are undeniable WeMontage moments when: 1) There’s a physical space in which frames fall short (e.g., high traffic area, or kid’s rooms), and 2) There’s a vulnerable moment in which inspiration or comfort are needed (e.g., seniors in a nursing home).

WeMontage is all about emotional connection and inspiration.

 Want even more awesome? Use the code “brooklyn” to save 20% off your order!! How cool is that?! Hurry! Offer code expires March 2nd, 2014.

I was provided with a WeMontage product for review, no other compensation was involved.

Are you good at Home Decor? Where would you put your WeMontage collage?



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  1. I love how yours turned out! I also like the idea of putting it next to the dining table. A great place to showcase your boys!
    Carla recently posted…2/23/14: The SkinnyMy Profile

  2. I love James and WeMontage. Seriously, one of the most fun and best product reviews I ever had the pleasure of doing on my blog, too. And you are right James is the nicest guy. By the way, you We Montage came out perfect and love the photos you chose :)
    Janine recently posted…Groundhog’s Day Over And Over – Snowmageddon ReduxMy Profile

  3. Thank you for the shout-out! Made my difficult morning! And you did great. Honestly, your boys are so cute that there is no way this WOULDN’T look fabulous. And also, WeMontage has great quality.
    It’s perfect!!
    Tamara recently posted…In Which Des Takes Over My Ask Away Friday.My Profile

  4. Thanks for the shout out Nellie! I absolutely love the pictures you chose…your boys are so adorable! I love how WeMontage gives us the ability to get those photos into our lives front and center. How cool is it to be able to point to a picture on the wall and say “I remember when…” It gives us the ability to reminisce and re-live those good times in our lives! I am sure your boys would love one in their rooms. I’ve got one in my oldest son’s room right now…and I have plans to do the other two. :)
    Michelle recently posted…Creamy Citrus Black Bean Soup with Hood Sour Cream #Sponsored #MCMy Profile

  5. Hi Nellie,

    Thanks so much for such a wonderful review of WeMontage. And your kiddos are super kewt!

  6. I suck at home decor that is exactly why we are tackling that very subject for our theme in April I can’t wait. I love the pictures you choose so cute next one you do get one with you in there too
    Kita recently posted…Black and White PhotosMy Profile

  7. Thank montage is so cool! I’m with you on decorating. I am so bad at it. Partly it’s because we still rent (hello crazy housing market!) and so I don’t feel like it is my permanent home. I do have a lot of travel photos I want to put up. Also, I am obsessed with HGTV, mostly the shows where they move to a tropical island for about half of what it costs to own a studio here!
    FitBritt recently posted…Hunter ValleyMy Profile

    • yeah the market is bananas–it hasn’t been stable since the crash. I love HGTV, I need to watch it more and actually apply some of the ideas!

  8. I love this, Nellie, especially the idea of no nails and holes in walls. Will be checking this out for sure!
    Alison recently posted…Ask Away Friday with Lisi P at Lisi’s PlaceMy Profile

  9. Love your WeMontage! I’ve definitely seen Tamera’s, and now I’m really wanting one. Wouldn’t a whole wall in black and white be amazing?
    Leslie recently posted…{Listicles} They DO Love Me…SometimesMy Profile

  10. I love those picture! Your boys are so cute! I am ok at home decor. I would love for someone to come in and redo the entire house. Someone with a better eye for that kind of stuff.
    Kristina Walters recently posted…My Tropical Escape – The SpinMy Profile

  11. So awesome! Perfect for renters, too, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the walls. Also, your boys are so ridiculously cute. I love that Halloween shot of them. :)
    Carly recently posted…Healthy Travel TipsMy Profile

  12. I loved this idea when I saw photographers like Michelle and Tamara had posts talking about their experiences, too. I think they are really just so beautiful. I’m into home decor, but we haven’t decorated our house much either. There have just been more important things going on. I feel like with all we’ve had to do, that’s had to come last on the list. I would probably put up a photo like this in the kids’ room. If we have 2 boys I would love an ensemble like yours. :)
    Brittnei recently posted…Celebrating Shabbat as a Believer in YeshuaMy Profile

  13. This is so cute, I so love the idea, Copying it.

    By the way, still waiting for baby #3, that kid is taking his time I tell you
    pegster recently posted…Waiting for baby #3My Profile

  14. I am soooo late! I am such a fan of We Montage! I should do a post just because! I loved your WeMontage!!! It’s beautiful!
    Joi recently posted…Branding Your Blog in Your CommunityMy Profile

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