Help! Lin-Sanity is taking over my city!

Everyone know that being a Knicks fan is tough sometimes. It is NOT easy.

I’ve been a fan of the Knickerbockers since I was about 5 years old.

Picture this: It’s the Knicks vs. the Bulls in the playoffs. HUGE game! Jordan, Ewing, Pippen, Starks, Oakley—Real deal rivalry!


We have a huge family function going on the same day. My uncle calls me out from playing, puts me up on his lap and asks me the BIG question:

“Nellie, which team do you like…the Knicks or the Bulls?”

Now I had no idea which team I “liked”, I LIKED play doh.

Nevertheless, I took a chance and said “THE KNICKS!” and the whole room erupted in cheer.

That moment right there? Roped me in FO (yes, FO) LIFE.

Fast Forward to today…as you may or may not have heard there is a player on the New York Knickerbockers that is making headlines DAILY.

His name is Jeremy Lin.

His story is a bit fascinating. He went to school at HARVARD, was drafted low, picked up by three different teams before he got picked up by the Knicks. The team was about to drop him again when he got put in on a whim and had an amazing game!

Beginner’s luck right?

Not so much. Jeremy Lin has pretty much blown the lid off the NBA. He is averaging around 26 points, close to 10 rebounds a game. These are SERIOUS superstar numbers. The fact that he has done this 7 games in a row makes him the real deal!

Why I love this story

I am all about the under dog. Here he was, days away from getting cut from the team and he has made himself into an overnight superstar. The media can’t get enough of him! His style of play is highly energetic, he is a Christian, and he is super humble! He seems like he has a great spirit and he leaves his ALL on the court every single night.

Why the Media loves this story

Jeremy Lin is Asian. Why is that important? There are very very few Asian players in the NBA. The last Asian NBA player to have impact was Yao Ming and he barely spoke English! Another fun part of the Media’s coverage is finding different ways to incorporate Lin’s last name into well…just about everything. See below for examples:






linsanity headbands captiv8 promotions nyc knicks

And I can go on forever, those are just some of my faves! I hope the best for him and continued success!

What does everyone think about this LIN-sanity?



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  1. I think it is pretty cool. I know there have been some debates about all the hype regarding him, BUT……. everyone deserves their credit for a job well done. 😉

    SN: I think we all remember those Bulls vs Knicks face offs!! lol
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  2. AntiMomAmanda says:

    my husband is a die hard knick fan and is totally freaking out with all the "linsanity" going on. we have the sports package and he watches religiously. every day there is a new lin-ism he says! too funny, but happy they are doin great!
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  3. I love this linsanity craze, not gunna lie! lol My boyfriend is a huge Knicks fan so he's been talking about it and I for one am enjoying Lin's name being incorporated into everything. I love a good story!
    My recent post Sometimes I get a feeling

  4. I think as long as he keeps it up, the debates over the hype will become less and less!

  5. I love the lin-isms but ONLY when they make sense lol!

  6. Me too! NY is all over this story!


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