Three Ways To Stick To Your Goals In 2014

Three Ways To Stick To Your Goals In 2014

It is exactly three weeks into the new year. The holidays are planted squarely in the rear view mirror and we have become accustomed to writing “2014” in stead of “2013” (I hope!)

Three weeks in to the new year and for most of us the excitement and promise of new years goals has begun to fade. We no longer have that “oomph” that propelled us to create goals that we intend to keep throughout the year. Something about January 1 makes us want to start brand new, but now its January 21 and we need a bit of a pick me up.

Three Ways To Stick To Your Goals In 2014

Personally when I wrote my fitness goals for 2013 I was full of high expectations and I was beyond thrilled to get started. The first two weeks of the year were fantastic (isn’t that always the case?) I was hitting my workouts, trying different things–I was inspired to be GREAT. After all, I know in order to finally get to my goal weight, I will have to switch things up, and often.

However, when I got sick last week, it was an unexpected detour on the weight loss journey. You see, a cold I can manage. Coughing, runny noses, head colds–they have never phased my workouts–like EVER. I even went to the gym all during a bout with Walking Pneumonia, (to my defense I had no clue I was that sick) but that just proves my point that it takes a lot for me not to go get my “me” time at the gym.

Last week though, I was really surprised by the effects it had on my body. Since it was a stomach bug, I expected the weakness, but it wasn’t my first time with it so I expected a full recovery within 2 days. The sickness left, but the weakness stuck around for another 5 days…my workout mojo disappeared.

All of a sudden, I started feeling really fat. I don’t like to use the “f” word, but I felt it. With that came a want for all the bad foods. If it was bad, I wanted it. All of it. Its a good thing there aren’t any horrible foods in the house because I would have went to town!

The truth about the matter is, I didn’t feel good about myself because I wasn’t moving. To go from 5 workouts a week to nothing in 4 days was playing mind games on me. My weight on the scale didn’t move up, yet I felt so bad in my bones.

This made me realize that we all have our different goals, and sometimes, crazy random ridiculous things come and sidetrack you. You can be ready to do it, start off with the biggest and best intentions and then, that one thing–takes you so off course, that you somehow have trouble getting back on track. As a a result, that goal will never happen.

Three Ways To Stick To Your Goals In 2014

Three Ways To Stick To Your Goals In 2014

Have A Plan: Having a plan is crucial to meeting any goal. Writing things down, making lists, breaking things up and even delegating tasks. Whatever it takes to get on the road. Having clear cut plan on how you intend to reach your goals makes things a lot easier when you are following some sort of guide.

Expect The Unexpected: Like my sickness, I was completely thrown and discouraged when I couldn’t workout and eat the way I needed to in order to continue losing weight. As many plans as we lay, we don’t know all of the variables that can happen along the way. Expecting the unexpected at least gives you a cushion and a head start mentally of finding a way to make that goal happen.

Be reasonable/Love Yourself:  KNOW that you can actually make this happen. If you can’t then maybe you can start making steps to actually execute it NEXT year instead of 2014. Running a marathon in 3 months is the type of decision that may not be the wisest choice. This applies to all areas, all goals. Make sure you are biting off as much as you can chew, and in some cases you might need to nibble. Accomplishing small goals on the way to your BIG goal is WAY better than failing at a goal that was completely impossible in the first place. (Listen to your gut, it knows when you are being impossible)

I went to the gym yesterday and found my mojo again. When I started within the first five minutes my body ached and begged for mercy. I even got a slight headache! I kept pushing through and I felt good. By the time I was done, I even loved how I looked in the mirror (something about a good workout will do that to you every single time :)). Back on track for my goals, and mentally back in the drivers seat. Crazy things are going to happen, we know, in the end it’s all about the recovery.

Don’t forget to join me for my Blogging While Brown January Blog Carnival Twitter Chat tonight @ 7pm where we will be talking about How To Stick With Your Healthy Resolutions Throughout The Year. I have some amazing panelists and you can follow the conversation with the hashtag #bwbfit!

How have you been keeping up with your new years goals? Do you have a plan to make it happen in 2014? Will you be joining me tonight for my twitter chat? I would love to have you!



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Schnelle "Nellie" Acevedo is a busy mom of two young boys (3 and 6), she is an Account Manager by day and a self proclaimed fitness junkie by night. Brooklyn Active Mama is a body positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. A recent running addict, Nellie has completed 7 Half Marathons and is currently training for the New York City Marathon on 11/1/2015. Nellie also is a co-founder of the annual A Healthy U Conference which is a conference dedicated to helping women improve their mental, spiritual and physical health. Nellie is a licensed Zumba instructor in Brooklyn. You can find Nellie on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, PeriscopeGoogle Plus.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about losing your mojo after being sick. I find that the less I move, the less I want to move and then I start to actually get body aches from the lack of movement. It’s a downward spiral!! As soon as I was able to get back into my fitness routine, everything went back to normal around here. Good for you sticking it out even though you had a headache – you’re a die hard girl!! I love it!
    Allie recently posted…The RundownMy Profile

  2. I also know what you mean and had stopped working out a bit during the holidays and add extra food consumption and never a good combo, but I started working out again right after the New Year and now I have pushed through a few days with headaches and even being tired from not sleeping as well a night here or there. So, I too get it and don’t be too hard on yourself, we all have those moments. But seriously, you are amazing and just know that! :)

  3. YES!!
    if I can get the child asleep—IM THERE!!
    Carla recently posted…Four ways slacklining parallels my life.My Profile

  4. Fantastic post, Nellie. Your pointers are spot on. I always do better with a plan, but you’ve got to know that something is going to interfere with your plan so you’ve got to be able to bob and weave. It’s all about the big picture for me. I try to look at it that way because it makes it easier for me to keep a bump in the road in perspective! So glad you got your mojo. –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Move Over Miley Cyrus…There’s A Dose Girl In TownMy Profile

  5. Great post! This time of year always throws me because I have such high hopes and grand aspirations on January first and then I always get sidetracked by life being more complicated than I expect. But I’m trying to go easy on myself this time and remember that just because I haven’t done/started/or am still in the planning stages of a lot of things doesn’t make me a failure. One step at a time.
    LaShawn recently posted…Happy Martin Luther King Day!My Profile

  6. I hope you are feeling better this week. Thank you for the awesome tips. I always find myself here something unexpected happens and I lose my workout/healthy eating stride. It’s a real bummer but like you said having a plan and realistic goals helps! Great post!
    Patty recently posted…Weekend QuoteMy Profile

  7. Way to stay accoutable girlie!!
    Katrina Elle recently posted…2014 WDW Half Marathon Race RecapMy Profile

  8. The biggest thing most definitely is to Expect the Unexpected…be flexible! Sometimes you have to delay your goals, and you can’t be too hard on yourself about it or that could set you even farther back. It’s good to evaluate and keep an eye on your goals. Fortunately I’ve been progressing great with my goals for the year for the most part! Sometimes it’s best to not be TOO specific, else you can give yourself too much pressure.
    Janelle recently posted…Weekly Recap: I’m a Healthy Living Blogger!My Profile

  9. Great post. I know that this week has been altered a bit. My son is sick and doesn’t want anyone near him-including his favorite person (big sis). Emotions are running high, but I’m taking everything in stride. This shall pass!
    KalleyC recently posted…When You Have To Drop It AllMy Profile

  10. I’m one of those who really doesn’t eat as much when I can’t work out – mostly because I eat a LOT on a normal basis to keep up with the workouts so my appetite goes way down. Mostly I just get to a place where I feel like a complete slug which send me into a total downward spiral – I think it’s why I try to do something little (44) even if I can’t physically workout.
    So glad that you are healthy and back on track!!!
    Kim recently posted…Do Clothes “Make” Us?My Profile

  11. I’ll try to tune in tonight! That’s the last hour before the kids’ bedtime and my husband sometimes isn’t home until after that, so it’s tough. But I want to do it!
    Being sick is just the pits. I’ve had a lingering cold that I can’t deal with. I know I should eat well to help the healing, but I’m sick of it!
    Is it spring yet?
    Tamara recently posted…This Is My Life.My Profile

  12. Were you needling around in my head, Nellie?!? LOL! I’m fine with my new goal for 2015 (because I’m realistic) but the running goal is getting me. I’m going to keep plugging away and doing what I can. I am writing things down but it can become overwhelming.

    I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well. Glad you felt good enough to hit the gym!
    Carla recently posted…Katie Sheds Thirty Pounds #beforeandafterMy Profile

  13. Yeah, the “oopmh” has faded. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better & your mojo is back. My set-back wasn’t illness related, I found myself putting off planned workouts because of a volunteer gig I signed up for – had no idea it would take so much time. But this week, my workouts are coming first. One of my goals for this year is fitting into a dress that I absolutely love but is a size or two smaller than I am. My niece is getting married in the fall and I want to wear that dress. And letting volunteer work interfere with that goal I now realize is unacceptable. Thanks for your tips!
    Debra recently posted…The Monday Sweat ReportMy Profile

  14. I will do my best to chime in if there is time from the challenge party. Thanks for the reminder because I am off this week. I like that second point. A monkey wrench can such a mutha sometimes. It would be good to tackle a goal knowing that there’s a possibility barriers and having a plan to get around them. Hope you can successfully get back to business as usual this week!
    Joi recently posted…SQUAT Test: Gym Undies for the LadiesMy Profile

  15. It’s so important to have a plan….and write things down. So glad you were able to get your mojo back. # wks ago, I could barely find space in the group exercise class, already the attendance is thinning out. …and we’re still in

    I’m still stuck writing 2013 unless I really think about it. I lol’d that you (accidentally) wrote it too when you talked about your fitness goal :) Great post!
    Hope recently posted…Martin Luther King Jr….10 factsMy Profile

  16. I hate those moments – when you’re so down on the whole process that it just feels easier to throw in the towel and emotionally eat away all of the guilt and frustration. Something that I’ve worked REALLY hard on over the last year is to not sweat the small stuff. Example – even though I’m counting calories, I will purposefully go over my calories once a week. Not by much – but just enough to feel as though I’m not depriving myself. I know I’m not that far into it, but it seems to be working. You’ve got a great plan in place, and you’ve definitely got the determination. Good for you for working through the tiredness when you went back to the gym. Even better that you let yourself fully recover first. Keep it up – you’re doing great!
    Leslie recently posted…{Listicles} 10 Things to Remember this WeekendMy Profile

  17. Being aware of those unexpected circumstances is important. Nothing ever goes perfect, so it’s almost like we need a joker card to give us a pass. Plus fully depriving ourselves hardly works anyway, at least in the long term.
    Nina recently posted…6 Ways Dads Can Support Breastfeeding Moms [Infographic]My Profile

  18. I’m glad you’re feeling better this week. You’re so right about one thing getting us sidetracked when trying to accomplish our goals. I love the ‘expect the unexpected’ and ‘being reasonable with ourselves.’ If the goal isn’t working for you at the time, its okay to shoot for a later date! Great tips Nellie!
    Sherelle recently posted…Guilty Pleasures: Just Don’t Over – IndulgeMy Profile

  19. This makes me want to be honest with myself about my workouts at home. They definitely dwindled in December because of my morning sickness.. I definitely want to get back to doing them more often than I have been. These are great tips, Nellie! You are so right about what happens to people once we get closer to February. I’m going to share this in hopes that someone who is starting to slack on their mojo will get recharged!
    Brittnei recently posted…Easy Apple Raisin Oatmeal RecipeMy Profile

  20. I need to embrace the “be reasonable/love yourself” part, Nellie. I tend to beat myself up if I don’t stick with the program I create for myself. Easy does it, Hector! LOL All good points, my dear, and worthy of emulation.
    Alison Hector recently posted…PeaceMy Profile

  21. my big thing this year is being reasonable. i call it giving myself grace. i need to remember that because i can be hard on myself when things aren’t moving as fast as i would like.
    cam recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Sometimes I just gotta say…My Profile

  22. I totally get it. I am getting over a sinus infection and the first few days I had a hard time with the training. I still managed but this time of year stinks with all the viruses floating around. I love the tips especially the last one!
    Kristina Walters recently posted…Half Marathon Training Recap – Week 1My Profile

  23. i agree it’s all about list making! also it’s important to start each day and ask yourself, what must be accomplished today? instead of doing a bunch of random unnecessary stuff and never accomplishing what’s important.
    catherine gacad recently posted…Farewell Apartment, I Will Miss YouMy Profile

  24. Having a plan is important when it comes to achieving goals and not throwing in the towel. So, many people fail or give up because they ended up wondering around like chickens with their heads cut off. Don’t be lost. Write a game plan and break everything down into detailed steps.
    K. Elizabeth recently posted…Fashionable FridayMy Profile


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