LIVE from Super Bowl Boulevard 2014 in NYC! {Pictures & Vlog}


I am a huge football fan. When football ends in February I mourn the season until Spring Training begins for baseball. On Sundays I am usually in front of the TV watching the games, screaming, making calls, cussing while cooking, blogging and/or ironing clothes for the family.

Having the Super Bowl in NYC this year has been awesome so far! This is the first time I have experienced the big game being local and NYC has certainly out done themselves this time!

Super Bowl Boulevard


NYC and the NFL have teamed up to create Super Bowl Boulevard, imagine a really big County fair except it is centered around football.




Since the Boulevard is right outside my job I couldn’t wait to get out there and explore. The most popular attraction was the Tobbagin. I have never heard of a Tobbagin until I saw one with  my own two eyes.


This thing is 60 feet in the air folks! I mean, crazy! Yes it’s a fun slide–but how fun can it be when it’s 15 degrees outside?! I mean it was so cold I was jumping into various stores just to get feeling back in my digits! Getting on a slide 60 feet in the air was not on the agenda.


I met my hubby at his job and we walked around a bit and visited the various tents. We first stopped at the M&M/Snickers booth where we stopped to take a pic with the yellow M&M!


Then we walked down deeper into Times Square and explored some more of the fun. There were some really great photo ops all over the place!



They even had a free field goal try with a great goal post. I would have tried and all there was only the little issue of me freezing my tail off.IMG_1481

Then I walked down to see the Lombardi trophy. I really wanted to get a picture but the lines were the longest ever! I got as close as could to get a picture from afar. I can at least say I saw it in person!


IMG_1507 IMG_1516

As you headed downtown this was where all the kids got to have fun! I would have loved to bring my kids but there was that little issue of the weather. This cold is not meant for anyone! Child, adult, the bitter cold was hard to take!







I actually had a great time despite the cold weather. Mother Nature could have been kinder but it’s winter in NYC, I’d better get over it.

Last but not least I have a quick (2 minute!!) Vlog covering some of my favorite moments of Super Bowl Boulevard! Enjoy!

Are you guys excited for the Super Bowl? Has it been insanely cold in your area? How long till Spring? It’s Friday!! Don’t forget to Check in! How was your Fitness and Healthy Living this week?!



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  1. That’s so cool! Even though I am not a huge football fan that would have been really cool to check out. I can’t believe how cold it’s been here either and I live near Buffalo!
    Kristina Walters recently posted…Vortex – My SpinMy Profile

  2. You are so awesome! Me and my boys watched your video and they were actually quiet for 2 whole minutes! Can you post a vlog everyday please? You know I’m PSYCHED for the Superbowl!!! I so wish I could be in the city enjoying all the FUN and excitement but it is freezing out so I really enjoyed just living it through you:-) LOVED this post!!!
    Allie recently posted…Kickboxing with Be Mom StrongMy Profile

  3. Okay, I’m normally not totally jealous that you live in awesome NYC (this is a lie, I am totally jealous…always) but this has sent me right over the edge!! THIS…IS…SO…AWESOME!!! I love all of the different things here. And seeing your little head on the fully padded Broncos football body was priceless!! (and I’m so glad that it wasn’t #18. I am the planet’s only non Peyton Manning fan. Blech) GO Seahawks!! 😀 –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Pinterest Nightmare #238: NeuticlesMy Profile

  4. I am not a huge football fan (my husband is though), but even I am excited that the big game is being played in NYC. Seriously wish I could get into the city to see some of this, but just not going to happen, but thank you for sharing here and definitely looks quite impressive :)
    Janine recently posted…A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to..Writing This ArticleMy Profile

  5. how exciting…i am sure it’s cold but it looked like you had a ball…have fun this weekend!
    Mrs .Pancakes recently posted…I’ve Moved…My Profile

  6. This looks so cool…and by cool it looks cool and cold and the same time. Y’all be having so much fun in NY if it wasn’t so cold I would live up there but my south calls me
    Kita recently posted…Saying GoodbyeMy Profile

  7. Nellie! This is SO COOL! I am not a huge football fan but I might have to check this out!!!
    FitBritt recently posted…Friday’s Food & Fitness: Fit and Healthy in NYCMy Profile

  8. WOW!! What a “super” fun experience! I think NYC knows how to do things up right!!! I’m bummed for you that it was so cold – wish it would have been a little warmer so you would have been able to try some of the fun stuff!
    Kim recently posted…Welcome, Elise from 9toFit!!!My Profile

  9. Oh, what fun! I’d love to have BlogHer around these parts one day. It’s exciting when something you love is close by,
    The Tobbagin? Looks amazing. I would probably wimp out in front of all of those people, though. That one woman is calm enough to have her phone out while on the slide! Maybe recording it.
    I’m home now and it’s not so cold here! I guess I missed some icy temperatures. Oh, darn!
    Tamara recently posted…Fly Away, Ask Away & Ladies Only Blog Share!My Profile

  10. nellie, i showed your post to my husband and we watched your vlog. so fun! he is a crazy nyjets fan because he was born in nyc. you didn’t say who you were rooting for. i’m rooting for the broncos because i cannot stand the shehawks.

  11. Girl, I m not even into football and I wish I was in NYC to just experience the super festivities. I miss the action sometimes. I feel left out with all my news feeds covering the Boulevard.That NY cold however…
    Teems recently posted…New Attitude + January In ReviewMy Profile

  12. Man it sure does pay living in New York. My husband and boys would have loved to participate in that!
    Stacie recently posted…It’s Chocomania!My Profile

  13. How fun! I love the video! You could seriously do this for a living. Awesome stuff!
    Carla recently posted…Fitness Friday 1: It Has a Great Beat and You Can Dance To ItMy Profile

  14. Love the video, I see the festivities from afar at work, but scurred to walk through times square lol… folks are going to have a great time.
    Losing in the City recently posted…Health Coach Friday: The Truth About Sleep DeprivationMy Profile

  15. What a cool thing to be able to attend! Other than NYE I’ve never seen Times Sq. shut down like that. Hi from Sharefest

  16. Can I just say that I am SOOOOOO JEALOUS! This looks like so much fun! I have got to come visit NYC soon! I don’t know why, but I’m not as excited about the Super Bowl this year! We’ll watch the game and of course, cook some great food, but I’m just eh…LOL!
    Britton recently posted…6 Reasons to Add Strength Training to Your Cardio WorkoutMy Profile

  17. This looks really cool!! They really have outdone themselves in NYC!! That slide is crazy. We’ll be watching at a friend’s house, and rooting for the Broncos! :)
    Michelle recently posted…Tangy Sesame Chicken WingsMy Profile

  18. This looks like so much fun!
    LaShawn recently posted…Life..Interrupted….My Profile

  19. This looks like so much fun! I have seriously got to move to NYC. You guys have all the fun! Maybe I’ll stop by for a quick visit one day 😉
    Reese recently posted…$125 Amazon Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  20. I’m impressed! Not being far from NYC, had I know I would have made it a point to go visit and see the sights. Not a huge football fan, but I do tag along with the hubster to our seasonal seats. Nice to meet you, found you through lovely Tamara. Happy Super Bowling!

  21. I’m so excited for the Super Bowl! I love football that much too, Nellie! We are Cowboys fans but I love to watch the Super Bowl even when we don’t get there. Today we’re going to a big party in our complex. Should be fun with good food, and big screen TVs. I was so excited about everything you were talking about in here…I was telling my hubby as I was reading lol. Everything looks so fun. I love the city. I used to always enjoy going there when I lived in Jersey. :)
    Brittnei recently posted…Countdown in Style- Week 9My Profile

  22. I saw this on the news and it looked like a whole lot of fun! Glad you were able to check it out!
    KalleyC recently posted…Musically Monday: BabyMy Profile

  23. OMG! I would have had a ball on the Boulevard. I like that coat too!
    Andrea recently posted…The Working Poor: Just Having a Job Isn’t EnoughMy Profile

  24. The super slide or taboggin or whatever looks crazy fun! The photos of you as an NFL and you and the hubs are cute. However, you already know, me and football = FAIL! I didn’t even know it was in NY! Good for you! You sound like a super fan….of course, you are super woman! How do you have time for all this Nellie??
    Joi recently posted…Fabletics: Adding Personal Style to Your ActivewearMy Profile


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