Sunday Favorites #9


Rising Temperatures: Oh. My. Word. It has been SO SO cold in the Northeast! All week the temperature did not go above 20 degrees with the wind chill hovering around 0. I am one of those people that can’t handle the bitter cold so when I go out to work daily i’m usually talking to myself, begging mother nature to stop torturing me. It was 30 degrees today and that was manageable, I heard somewhere around 50 by mid week, woohoo! I’ll take it. PLEASE LORD no more cold snaps till next year!

Newly Found GiftCards: Since my youngest has decided that his playpen is his new favorite place to sleep, (YES) I was kind of hesitant to buy a new playpen for the first floor of my house because of the cost. Then cleaning up, I find $200+ in giftcards to Babies R Us from the shower and christening. YES! New baby jail playpen + mattress for the first floor!

Ann Taylor Loft: I have one of the most beautiful Ann Taylor Lofts right around the corner from where I work in  Times Square. They have the most Chic work clothes evah, and lately they have been having a 50% off everything sale which is like music to my ears. Oh Ann Taylor, I can’t quit you.

Boob Tube:

Love & Hip Hop NY: I giggle when I watch this show, seriously. Joe Budden is  simply hilarious. Erica is simply crazy in that special crazy way that makes you keep watching, and the whole show is about a bunch of nobodies trying to get their shine back. Yes. I am here for it.

Grey’s Anatomy: That Shonda Rhimes has put the fire back in this show! I have seen every Grey’s episode and I am loving the new characters and storylines. Plus, I can’t lie. I really, really don’t mind looking at this dude every week.



The Bachelor: I’m not sure how I got caught up in this season but somehow I am glued to the TV watching this crazy train wreck thatis that bachelor. I am watching all of the over the top dates, the frenemies, the girl bonding, the girl hating, the schemes, the I’mfallinginloveafteronly3minutes confessionals…ALL of it. It is quite a riot actually.


My girl Josie over at YumYucky lit a WHOLE fire under me with her post: It’s Gotta Burn Deep Down In Your Bones <– good stuff

Charlotte over at The Great Fitness Experiment posted Whiny Whiny Girls, Gym Edition [When Workouts Go Meh] and it made me giggle, a lot. :)

Lindsay over at Fooducate is Talking cookies Girl Scout Cookies Season – What to Do<– breaks down what is actually IN Girl Scout cookies. Whoa!


How is your weekend so far?



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  1. I hate the cold. It’s why I moved south. So I was VERY upset to feel temps in the 30s and 40s last week. This is ATLANTA!!! What in the world???
    I usually watch the Bachelor every season. But this year I haven’t. Maybe I need to tune in…..
    LaShawn recently posted…After the RainMy Profile

  2. I would be NO GOOD in NYC — I HATE cold weather! When I was there back in December 2011, you guys were having an unseasonably warm week. Definitely an answered prayer for me…

    Yeah, I’m feeling Grey’s again, too. I enjoy looking at ol’ boy as well. I’m glad he’s moved on from crazy April, but I’m sad for her, too.

    And I’ve chosen not to open the Girl Scout cookies link. Don’t break my heart… :-)

  3. KalleyC

    I am also tired of our NYC weather. I can’t believe how cold it’s been. I think there will be a warm up in the middle of the week and back to the 30s by the end of the week. Can’t wait for spring.
    KalleyC recently posted…Sunday Prayer: Daily GraceMy Profile

  4. Having a good weekend , such a relief to have some rain after very hot temps here last week. I can’t imagine those cold temps you have to endure!! I love Greys too, can’t miss an episode:)
    Robyn recently posted…Why I Love Being Australian!My Profile

  5. Yes, Yes, & Yes! I don’t like the cold, love Ann Taylor (esp. the sales), & you can just throw him in the McDreamy category…LOVE HIM! I’m sad to see the wkd go, gotta go back to working the marathon tomorrow night!
    Joi recently posted…Friday Fitness Check In: Resolution Solutions to Weight LossMy Profile

  6. Oh I feel you with the cold! I’ve been holed up in my house baking for pretty much two weeks. (Which is… totally healthy. Sure.) Glad to see some warmer temps are coming! Never thought I’d be so happy to see 20degrees:) And thanks for including my post in your round-up – you totally made my night! So glad you enjoyed it!
    charlotte recently posted…Anatomy of a Worry: 15 Things to do When You Can’t Do Anything [Rap music may be involved. And a giveaway!]My Profile

  7. Well hellllooo Dr. Avery! 😉 lol

    Hold up. Who just finds gift cards like that? Let me go check my couch or something… lol My son HATES his playpen.
    Baby Teems recently posted…That One Time…On Date Night…My Profile

  8. SIgh its been so hot here in Houston, send me some of y’alls cold weather please!!!! I still have winter stuff i want to wear :-/
    Law_Fal recently posted…Birthdays Galore…..My Profile

  9. offf to search for LOVE AND HIP HOP NY!!!!
    Miz recently posted…Leave margins.My Profile

  10. I’m with you, after a strong wind someone can hear me say “No Jesus, no more” lol I’m not built for bitter cold so I’m excited about the 30* we got here this morning. I tried, really tried to not tune into the train wreck that is Love and Hip Hop but I failed lol. I’m playing catch up with Grey’s Anatomy now thank God for Netflix.
    Candace (NYStateofMom) recently posted…Where I’ve been…My Profile

  11. I haven’t caught the new season of Love and Hip Hop yet but I’ve been hearing rumblings. I need to make sure to set the DVR.

    I love Ann Taylor. Her stuff is so classic and you don’t mind spending the money because it is timeless.
    Mimi recently posted…Just Another MANICure MondayMy Profile

  12. 03814941205719720204

    Oh my goodness I have been watching L&HH and there is ALWAYS so much going on! Idk if you’ve seen the latest stuff going on with Erica but that child…

    Thanks again for popping by my blog! xo
    03814941205719720204 recently posted…5 Things from the WeekendMy Profile

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