Friday Fitness Check In: Oh, Hello There Plateau…

Welcome to the Friday Fitness Check In! I am using this as a bit of a fitness diary to keep my goals in check while sharing exactly what I am doing with you (since I get so many questions about it! :) Feel free to link up and do your own Friday Fitness Check In where you can keep track of the following:


  1. Fitness: Workouts for the week, how did I feel?
  2. Food: Did I eat well? Let’s be honest shall we?
  3. Strength Training: Did I lift weights this week? How many reps and what exercises?
  4. Mind and Motivation: Where am I mentally? What motivated me this week?
  5. Weight: Have I lost weight this week? gained?

Stair Climbing Thursday, This machine is SO hard!

Monday: Rest (MLK Day)
Tuesday: Bootcamp
Wednesday: Spin
Thursday: 20 Min StairClimber + 30 Min Zumba
Friday: Total Body Class


Monday: Rest


  • Leg Press


  • Hamstring curls
  • Lunges with Dumbells
  • Hammer Curls
  • Leg Press
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Squats with Dumb bells
  • Hamstring Curls
  • Abdominal Machine

I’ve been eating right. Working my tail off, switching up routines, lifting heavier, getting stronger, however — there is a little thing happening called a plateau. For the past 4 weeks the scale hasn’t moved.

I’ve been through this before, during my first go round of losing weight after baby, I went through several extended plateaus. The only thing that got me through them was putting me head down and working through it.

I have lost a steady 9 pounds since September. I am proud of that, plus the inches are coming off which is always welcomed.

Nothing crazy was inhaled this week. I did however have some ice cream for the first time in a really really long time. My sons Godfather went all the way out to Long Island and brought us back some homemade greatnut ice cream. I mean, talk about kryptonite! But I stayed strong I had 4 teaspoons and walked away knowing that I could have eaten the whole tub. I don’t even like ice cream like that but LAWD put me around some great nut and I have got trouble! Does ice cream do that to you?


How is your fitness goals coming along this week?



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Schnelle "Nellie" Acevedo is a busy mom of two young boys (3 and 6), she is an Account Manager by day and a self proclaimed fitness junkie by night. Brooklyn Active Mama is a body positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. A recent running addict, Nellie has completed 7 Half Marathons and is currently training for the New York City Marathon on 11/1/2015. Nellie also is a co-founder of the annual A Healthy U Conference which is a conference dedicated to helping women improve their mental, spiritual and physical health. Nellie is a licensed Zumba instructor in Brooklyn. You can find Nellie on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, PeriscopeGoogle Plus.

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  1. Yes! Got some ice cream in the freezer I’m nibbling on periodically! It was on sale, couldn’t pass it up! Had fun doing this with you this wk!
    Joi recently posted…Friday Fitness Check In: Resolution Solutions to Weight LossMy Profile

  2. Just keep your head down and keep working through that plateau. It can be so discouraging, but you have a lot of accomplishments. You can get through it. We will be here cheering you on.
    KalleyC recently posted…A Heavy Burden to CarryMy Profile

  3. Hate the plateau…hate it. I know you’ll power through it, though! (and how awesome that the stair climber gives you an idea in real-world terms as to how much you just climbed?! I love it!)

    • Yes! That is why I love this particular machine, after 5 minutes of climbing it tells me that I have gotten to the top of the statue of liberty!

  4. I’ve had a seriously non-fitness week due to illnesses that tried to creep up in the family. Had to battle back HARD with the natural remedies. Eating was on point, though. But this weekend I’m shooting a fake infomercial that involves large slices of cake. Soooo. ya know…..
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Hot 100 Lean Legs WorkoutMy Profile

    • That sucks, I hope you feel better soon Josie!! I can’t wait for the video!! Omg its gonna be all kinds of awesome.

  5. Fitness great! Food not so good. But I’ve been reading about eating healthy. Does that count? I can’t believe you did all that climbing!
    Carli recently posted…The Tainted CoinMy Profile

  6. Well done on that ice cream control and for climbing the hight of the pyramid of Giza – it is always hardest to shift the last few pounds but the inches count too!
    Robyn recently posted…Why I love Being Australian!My Profile

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