My Top 5 Reality TV Besties *In my Head*

As mentioned once, twice or a gazillion times before, I am a bit of a reality junkie. Especially now that I am home for maternity leave and pretty much up all night, I generally tune into the boob tube for my kicks.

In the wide variety of shows that I watch consistently, I realized that I have identified with some of the characters often wishing that we were friends in real life.

So without further adieu, my list:


5. Big Ang from Mob Wives

Big Ang is like that auntie that will always have your back. I’m not sure why I adore her so much, maybe its her over the top look, her insanely deep voice, or her “so new york” attitude, either way everything about her screams FAMILY. It would be a really good look to have Big Ang in my corner!


4. Jacqueline Laurita from the Real Housewives of New Jersey

Throughout the seasons of RHONJ Jacqeline was always the peace keeper, she really never wanted anyone to fight, she saw the good in folks (ahem Danielle) and she had the most realistic “housewife” life of anyone else on the cast. This past season however we saw the fire come out of Mrs. Laurita—she stood up to her bratty teenaged daughter and she stopped taking nonsense from her “friend” and for that reason I would love to be her bestie!


3. Phaedra Parks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta

I know, I know. A lot of people don’t like Phaedra and I can see why. She can be a bit messy at times but that is why I love her! She really does seem like a cool down to earth friend that you could go shopping with, hang out with, playdate with etc. She a bit (ok a lot) over the top a lot of the time, but underneath all that I think she would be a cool gal to chill with.


2. Drita D’Avanzo from Mob Wives

One thing I love about Drita is the fact that she is so RAW! She has amazing style, she is incredibly loyal and she is gym obsessed (like me!). She doesn’t take any mess from anyone and only reacts when pushed to the brink. It would be awesome to have someone like Drita on my team!


1. Chrissy from Love and Hip Hop

Chrissy reminds me a lot of myself (except she has a lot more money than I do lol), she is so down to earth regardless of her engagement to a famous rapper, she is loyal to her friends, her style is incredible and she is so REAL! If I had one person to pick, it would be her hands down!!

Honorable mention: Trina (Braxton Family Values), Kandi (Real Housewives of Atlanta), Aisha Tyler (The Talk) & JWoww (Jersey Shore)

Which Reality TV star would you like to meet in real life?



Mommy. Fitness Addict. Socialite.
Schnelle "Nellie" Acevedo is a busy mom of two young boys (3 and 6), she is an Account Manager by day and a self proclaimed fitness junkie by night. Brooklyn Active Mama is a body positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. A recent running addict, Nellie has completed 7 Half Marathons and is currently training for the New York City Marathon on 11/1/2015. Nellie also is a co-founder of the annual A Healthy U Conference which is a conference dedicated to helping women improve their mental, spiritual and physical health. Nellie is a licensed Zumba instructor in Brooklyn. You can find Nellie on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, PeriscopeGoogle Plus.


  1. I am a junkie too! I love your picks. I just dont watch NJ housewives. I love me some chrissy. I agree with your thoughts on chrissy. She is so real and I like her a lot!
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  2. You have a healthy list there. How are you! Just wanted to say hello! I don't have a fave…I don't care for them, but hey, to each their own, right? Hugs!

  3. Yes! LoL I'm good, thank you for stopping to check in on me!!
    My recent post My Top 5 Reality TV Besties *In my Head*

  4. Yes Chrissy is my girl!
    My recent post My Top 5 Reality TV Besties *In my Head*

  5. innerdiva says:

    I think the only "reality" star I could hang out with would be LaLa Vasquez. She seems so down to earth, and I'd only have to hop on the 2 train to chill, lol.

  6. Don’t get me started on reality tv! I love it and I can’t help but to get into it. I love everyone on this list esp Big Ang she just seems so cool. I like phaedra too because she sayss some really funny things.

  7. @JOURNEE KAPRI so true I love ms. phae! I’m glad i’m not alone lol!

  8. OMG!!! I LOVE CHRISSY!!!!! She is so loyal and her and Jim love each other!! Team Chrissy!!!!xoxo BossyGirl

  9. @BossyGirl1980yes! Team chrissy all day everyday!!

  10. I actually like Phaedra for the most part. Although she is a little over the top sometimes. lol

  11. I just saw my first episode of Mob Wives last week and I’m taken with Big Ang. Outside of that, I have to go way opposite and say Tori Spelling. I would love to spend a month with her. She decides she wants to do something and the next week, it’s done. I love her drive.

  12. I love Phaedra! She is the funniest southern belle I’ve ever seen on TV! She looks like big fun to hang around!

    I’m team Chrissy as well!

  13. @Optimistic Mom ME too! sometimes, I give her a side eye, but seems really cool overall.

  14. @April Dorris I definitely would lovvve to be besties w Tori, simply because her kids are adorbs, and i’m still obsessed with 90210.

  15. @Miss Dre Yes, Ms. Phae looks like a cool chick for real!

  16. Sshh… Don’t tell, but my husband watches Mob Wives too! Jackie is my fav. on RHNJ as well! I would love to meet Ellen or Larry David(Curb Your Enthusiasm)!

  17. hi! your blog is amazing!do you like a following with each other?

  18. haha, I have a secret mental list of my celeb/reality tv best buds too :)

  19. Just yesterday I started like Phaedra. She does seem like a cool chica underneath all the crazy.

  20. Reality TV! We just can’t seem to get enough!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!:)I’m loving your blog! FOLLOWING!

  21. too fun…phaedra would be mine too!

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