31DayReset Day 7: Create a Life Map

Continuing on with my 31 Day Challenge from HappyBlackWoman.com here is Day 7…

Today’s Challenge is more visual but writing things out made a load of difference to me!
Create a version of of a life map involves visualizing (and then putting into writing) EXACTLY what you want your life to look like in 7 specific areas: lifestyle, work, education, finances, health, family and relationships.

Lifestyle: I want to be comfortable in my daily routine, making sure that all members of my household (including myself) are taken care of and loved. Continue to improve my home décor and maintain a peaceful and welcoming environment.

Work: get over any fears associated with my position, learn how to eliminate the negative and stay focused on the positive. Speak up more when it comes to my opinions and continuously document my accomplishments. I hope not to sell myself short, and continue to reach for higher levels of productivity.

Education: I hope to complete my project management certificate sometime this year, as that will be a wonderful addition to my resume. I hope to learn more about public speaking as well as presenting to clients in an intimate or not so intimate setting. I want to learn as much as possible so that I can be more than comfortable when going out to client meetings.

Finances: I hope to be rid of debt very soon, I plan to be credit card free by the end of 2012, so that I can exclusively focus on my student loan, mortgage and savings.

Health: I want to lose all of my “baby weight” and get back to my athlete status of March 2011. More importantly than losing the baby weight, I would like to eat healthier, cook healthier, eat smaller portions and also eat more frequently.

Family: I will continue to be the best mother/wife/daughter/cousin etc. I can be by reaching out to all family members, and helping out any family members that may need my assistance.

Relationships: I will be more conscious of the relationships that are dear to me and I will reach out to those people whom I haven’t heard from in a long time, and meet with them more frequently. I would love to begin really hosting events at my house (regardless of how under-decorated it is right now) and just be with my friends and family in my home.



Mommy. Fitness Addict. Socialite.
Schnelle "Nellie" Acevedo is a busy mom of two young boys (3 and 6), she is an Account Manager by day and a self proclaimed fitness junkie by night. Brooklyn Active Mama is a body positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. A recent running addict, Nellie has completed 7 Half Marathons and is currently training for the New York City Marathon on 11/1/2015. Nellie also is a co-founder of the annual A Healthy U Conference which is a conference dedicated to helping women improve their mental, spiritual and physical health. Nellie is a licensed Zumba instructor in Brooklyn. You can find Nellie on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, PeriscopeGoogle Plus.


  1. Hi Nellie! These are all great goals you have set for yourself. That is definitely something I need to work on, I don’t always envision myself doing certain things! Thank you for stopping by and following I am looking forward to reading your next post, and following too :)

  2. Nellie! Awesome life map! Thanks for sharing and I pray you reach your goals!

  3. J. Kenn (speakingTALL) says:

    Hey Nellie, I am totally with you on the work goal of getting over fears. I recently took on a new position and need to get away from this negative self talk. I’m noticing that I need to take the time to learn, fail, and grow through this position.

  4. Yes! I realize now that its time to move past these fears and embrace and excel!

  5. Thank you!

  6. Thank you! I adore your blog, looking forward to more outfits!

  7. These are great goals. I really wish you much success with every single endeavor!

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