2012 Celebrity Diet Wars – Who Wins?

The 2012 Diet Wars: Weight Watchers vs. Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem
Since losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, diet companies are battling it out for your $! These diets are pulling out ALL the stops with eye catching commercials!
Jenny Craig: Mariah Carey
Now we all know Mariah had twins six months ago with hubby Nick Cannon. Meaning, two babies inside her belly. Everyone knows it can be difficult to lose the baby weight so when you see how good she looks, its pretty amazing! Kudos to her for losing all of the weight, and doing a pretty good job of convincing folks to join Jenny Craig!
Weight Watchers: Jennifer Hudson
Now I know I am not the only one that has to give Jhud her props for losing all of her baby weight and then some, She credits Weight Watchers as well as her new workout regimen for her success…HOWEVER this new commercial is so creepy. Its the old (heavier) Jhud singing with her newer (skinnier) self. Seeing her transformation makes me reconsider joining!
Nutrisystem: Janet Jackson
I’ll be honest, this one shocked me! When I saw Ms. Jackson talking so openly about her struggles with weight loss I was a bit taken aback because usually she leaves that kind of talk for the tabloids! Like the previous two, she looks incredible in natural fresh makeup and hair. She almost convinced ME to buy a couple of meals!
Does Celebrity Weight loss have any effect on You?


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  1. Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic says:

    I’d like to think that it doesn’t have any affect on me, but in subtle ways it does.

  2. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    Oh wow the Janet one shocked me too…the hubby and I were like what?! I’m not swayed by one or the other because I know celebrities for money to pay for personal trainings that regular people don’t!! But if it motivates people why not!

  3. I am not swayed by celebrities promoting weightless, BUT if that’s motivation that some people need then I say go for it. In my experience it’s when people close to you start to lose weight that motivates you the most.

  4. it doesn’t get to me because i know that they have a lot more help getting the weight off … they have nutrionists and it is their jobs to look good … so it doesn’t phase me … but i do give a lot of props to Jennifer Hudson for losing the weight. she looks incredible to me …

    and yes, i agree that commerical is a bit creepy. hehe.

  5. you read my mind. I have a post about this same thing tomorrow!!! HA!

  6. i was soo creeped out by the jhud commercial! she looks fantastic tho, but still-the whole side by side duet was a terrible idea! my vote goes with ms jackson-she looks great!

  7. Right? Its like almost brainwashing when you see the commercials 80 times a day!

  8. Miesharoshawn says:

    Celeb weight loss has no effect on my decisions as far as plans go. That WW commercial is an epic FAIL!

    I’m tagging you in a post on my blog today :-)

  9. April Dorris says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about any of these actually. I think they all look good but there are some things we should keep in mind.

    1) Jennifer had a major family loss that I feel contributed to her weight loss more than anything. Granted the program is helping her keep it off.
    2) Mariah looks smaller, but the outfit she is wearing in the video makes her look a little shapeless which makes me wonder if there is not some artificial doctoring going on. Even when small, she had natural curves but they look non-existent in the video. Granted, child birth can take all kinds of things from you.
    3) Janet has discussed her weight before (on Oprah, I think) and she has admitted that she tends to look her smallest and best when she is dancing during her tours. I attribute her current loss to more dancing as she is performing more than in recent years.

    All in all, we should strive to look the best we can and be as healthy as we can and not buy in to the celebrity perception that is put before us.

  10. Yes! Usually she keeps her weight on the hush, and yes unfortunately us regular folk don’t have half the access celebs do to personal chefs…personal trainers etc.

  11. Yes, when you see it in real life, that is a huge motivation!

  12. You are so right! I wish I had half the access as these celebs do!

  13. Great minds think alike!

  14. Agreed! The commercial makes me wonder, whose idea was that? And yes, ms. Jackson is gorgeous!

  15. I’m coming right over to check it out! Thanks!

  16. I totally agree with you! There are a lot of outside factors that contribute to these ads, however, I’m not sure if the average viewer is considering this when they look for a diet program to complete their resolution! I agree that celebrity weightloss shouldn’t have an effect on us.

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